Zines I Like #1: One a Day by WalkerWorld

Zines I Like is going to be a recurring if sporadic feature on this blog – in no way comprehensive, but just a heads-up to some cool zines I have discovered.  After ‘researching’ my treasuries a couple of weeks ago I had a small spree, so the next few days will feature some zines I have very recently acquired.  The numbering, by the way, is not a rating or hierarchy of the zines mentioned, just a numerical list of those featured to help me keep track. 

One a Day: April 2011 by WalkerWorld

I first came across Laura Walker’s zines early last year, with her first One a Day project (which I blogged about briefly here).  In fact, Laura was the inspiration for my own Doodle a Day project in February of this year which I mentioned in passing here.  (It was a fun challenge & I’ll be expanding on various ideas that emerged from it, but the resulting zine will only be seeing very limited release! 😉 )

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, Laura’s own One a Day project has morphed slightly for 2011 into more of a journal project, making for a fun & varied zine cataloguing the random details of Laura’s life through photography, handwritten text, lists, traditional cut’n’paste photocopied layouts & cartoon-style illustrations.  I loved Laura’s original One a Day project, but it’s interesting to see how an idea grows and develops.   Probably what I like most about it is that it incorporates pretty much everything that my own zines do not!  You can check out both old & new styles in the Walker World Etsy Store as well as the brand new May 2011 issue (which I will update on here once I’ve snaffled my copy!).

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