Mail art fun!

Receiving this (above) in the post today reminded me it was really time I should post about some of the fantastic mail art goodness that his been floating around, of late.  It was woven by Kahli Carlo, a recently joined member of the Post Post Post Club, and flew all the way to me in the UK from Hawai’i: “Dreaming of Sweater Weather on the sunny shores of Kona”, as it remarks on the reverse!  It seems to have survived the journey remarkably well.  Thanks for an awesome contribution to the Handwoven Postcard Project, Kahli!

Along similar lines, I recently spotted this fantastic postcard made from sewn-together felted sweaters, by Mandy Fariello (who featured on this blog previously, pre-Christmas).  Sadly, I was not the lucky recipient of this particular project, but I am greatly looking forward to Mandy’s contribution to the Going Postal mail art project!  (Sorry that I could not post the photo of the felted postcard here, but follow the link above for full details & pics!)

What else?  Oh yes, there’s more!  A couple of weeks ago I ordered a couple of zines & a bundle of artwork from Laura Walker of Walker World.  Laura has been creating a thing a day since the year began, selling the individual pieces, and making a monthly zine to record her exploits.  I bought both the January & February zines, which were both lots of fun, and gloriously serendipitous.  The photo to the right shows the January One a Day zine, the cover picture being one of the daily artworks, and itself illustrating the step-by-step process of the project.  But I just love the extra bit of art that came free with(/on the outside of) my package: “this is art” (the anteater).  Cool!

And finally (for now) the beginnings of a piece of mail art:This stitched postcard has just begun its journey to a friend in Australia.  Just another couple of weeks before we see what toll that journey takes…!

This piece of doodle-stitching began with a hand-drawn landscape doodle that TangleCrafts’ followers might recognise from its previous (& most recurrent) incarnation as the lino-cut image from the very first postage stamp for the realm of Tangledom.  It’s also an image that used to recur frequently in my tapestries.  This particular version is the first part of my own mini one-a-day project, which I’ll be doing over the course of 7 days & turning into a zine, later (thanks for the inspiration, Laura!).  I simply stabbed holes along the drawn lines, then back-&-whip-stitched them using overdyed threads from my stash.  Look out for the zine, for a clearer step-by-step of the process!   I’ve not actually done any kind of stitching for a while – with the exception of zine bindings – but I found it very relaxing to stitch, and I was really pleased with the results.  Definitely something I plan to do some more of, in the future.  I can’t wait to see how well (or not!) it survives its travels!

2 thoughts on “Mail art fun!”

  1. too fun to see the Mail Art Postcard from here – hawaii – posted on line from there – the UK – bwahahahahaha. gotta like that around the planet connection. cool fun. Mail Art Fun – yeah!

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