About TangleCrafts

Thank you for visiting my little world of postage stamp art.

The Heart of TangleCraftsMy ‘imaginary landscape’ collages are inspired by & created with vintage postage stamps from around the world – tiny, disposable fragments of history, full of hidden stories and faded colours.  I rescue unwanted stamps from clearance lots and old unloved stamp albums. If they are slightly torn, creased, or too common to be of value to philatelists, they are more than likely perfect for me!

From these humble beginnings, I create one of a kind, original upcycled artworks & notebooks, as well as a growing range of printed stationery: creative gifts for stamp collectors, history buffs, dreamers & bohemian souls; functional art for writers, obsessive notetakers and bullet journalers…

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TangleCrafts Stamp Art Journals
The approximate view from where I sit, on an average day: