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TM 18.4 coverTangleMail 18.4: Includes feature article about ‘postal patchwork’ using Machin stamps, and a theory about its origins. Also includes new shop highlights, showcase for a recent large commission, and a discount for all customers.


TM 18.3 coverTangleMail 18.3: Includes feature article about the tiniest postage stamps in the world, plus regular features: new shop highlights, a gallery of recent custom orders, a discount for all customers, and a new word square puzzle inc. hidden extra special offer!


TM 18.2 coverTangleMail 18.2: Includes feature article about soaking stamps from paper (one of the questions I am asked most frequently), highlights of new items added to the shop, a little gallery of recently departed custom orders, a discount for all customers, and a hidden extra special offer when you complete the word square puzzle!

TM 17.1 coverTangleMail 17.1: Feature article investigating stamps from countries that don’t exist, including the Republic of Maluku Selatan, Nagaland and Occussi-Ambeno (expanded from a 2017 blog post).


TM 16.1 coverTangleMail 16.1: Includes feature article about accidentally collaging a potentially valuable stamp, and debating whether or not it was a forgery! (A retrospective issue, expanded from a 2016 blog post.)


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