A couple of months ago I did a doodling project and (left) became fascinated by a pebble mosaic technique that I tried out – which itself was an extension of a doodle I started playing with last autumn (right).  With the first trial, I loved the mosaic effect but did not complete the rectangle because I could see the definition of the ‘circles’ disappearing, the more pebbles I added.  With the new version, I realised that varying the size of pebbles in each row of ‘contour lines’ kept the initial pattern clearly defined.  This week, in stray moments between printing, folding & packaging zines, I explored the idea of making a word mosaic:

Overall, I think I prefer the more abstract pattern (above left), but at the same time, I have a few weddings to attend this summer, and it occurred to me that a pebblified word might make a nice greeting card to commemorate an occasion.  Now I just need to decide on a ‘love’-themed word that is neither too twee nor too pretentious & start doodling.  Quickly, because the first wedding is next weekend…!

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