How to weave on anything!

How to Weave on Anything

For free PDF instructions, with everything you need to know to start weaving on (okay, almost) everything, just click above.

By the way, I promise it’s not just a gimmick!   Although it’s true that I own and use several small weaving loom/frames (bead looms are great!), I weave on cardboard just as frequently, and my husband will testify to the fact that I see the potential for weaving in almost anything.

You can make weaving looms using combs, mousemats, needlepoint canvas, picture frames, playing cards and all sorts of other random stuff.  These looms work just as well as any other kind of loom, but because they’re constructed of household objects, they’re economical and environmentally-friendly.

Don’t just take my word for it: try it!

3 thoughts on “How to weave on anything!”

  1. Just found this site and it looks pretty interesting. Thank you for your time in sending this info. to me…I’ve been wanting to start weaving but thought I needed a huge (expensive) loom to start. Let’s see what I can manage to do with this information.

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