Another freeform bargello experiment

Despite continued printer trouble, I have been able to add a picture of this piece, as it was stitched by one of my model stitchers (Judith Ann Pounder, Derbyshire).

Marble Waves (c) TangleCrafts, 2008
Marble Waves (c) TangleCrafts, 2008

The principle is the same as the Oak Leaf Panel (see earlier entry), with the central motif in basic needlepoint (in this case long stitch/satin stitch), with a freeform bargello background.

However because the central motif is not symmetrical, as was the case wth Oak Leaf Panel, I had to adapt the freeform bargello at the mitred corners, otherwise the patterns would not have met up at all.  They still don’t slot together perfectly, but I’m happy with the modifications, which just emphasise the swirly nature of the pattern.

What I don’t think works quite so well is my choice of colours, which included one multi-coloured shade (yellow, sea green, sea blue) and 3 shades of aqua blue.  Unfortunately, the sea blue within the multi-shade is almost exactly the same as the lightest of the other three blues, which has the result of lessening the definition of the central wave motif, in the places where the 2 blues sit next to each other.  Still, this realisation is one of the reasons why models need to be stitched, and all it means is that I need to reconfigure the colourway.

I will probably also modify the border slightly, to echo the 3 shade border of different thicknesses used in the Oak Leaf Panel.

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