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Receive a FREE TangleClub membership card when you spend £5 or more (excl. postage) in the TangleStore!

But for a bumper bundle of TangleClub goodies, check out the TangleClub Membership Packet (available separately).  Your hand-folded TangleClub envelope contains:
  • Club envelopeA membership card/label – numbered and dated, and including password to access exclusive online club content. Peel off the backing & stick in your diary/notebook so you don’t lose this essential info!
  • A 1″ pinback button badge made from upcycled postage stamp (colour & design will vary from badge shown, but you can choose a preferred colour from the drop-down list)
  • How to Fold a Tangelope Mini Zine – a DIY origami self-mailer tutorial
  • 2 rainbow collage (print) postcards – 1 in sunset red-orange, and 1 in peacock green-blue-purple
  • 4 handmade collage-design labels – measuring approx 7.5 x 5.25cm each – printed on white recycled kraft paper, and self-adhesive peel-n-stick backing applied by hand. Use as address labels for your outgoing mail, gift tags, jar labels, or anything else you like!
  • Access to an online archive of FREE projects & printables! (linked at top of page)TangleClub Membership Packet Your membership card will be numbered & dated, valid for 1 year. As a member of the TangleClub, you will have access to EXCLUSIVE club pages, here on the blog, where you will find random stuff such as mini-zines to print & fold (or just read online), and stationery to print & personalise your outgoing mail.  Lots of fun! 😀

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also claim discounts & bonus gifts with all orders placed with TangleCrafts for the duration of your membership!  Use your club password to access the TangleClub Rewards page, for full details…

That’s lots of cool stuff!


The TangleClub archive so far…: 

  • APRIL 2010: A Bit of Earth mini-zine (club-exclusive online version)
  • MAY 2010: Printable postcard labels (A4 & letter-size)
  • JUNE 2010: Stamp a Stamp! (printable mini zine)
  • JULY 2010: Cat for Dinner printable Recipe Cards
  • AUGUST 2010: Going Postal Volumes 1 & 11 (club-exclusive online version)
  • SEPTEMBER 2010: A printable sheet of TangleStamp faux postage
  • OCTOBER 2010 Printable ‘Ideas Grow’ Notebook (A4 & letter-size)
  • NOVEMBER 2010: Printable Mail Art Sampler Service postcards
  • DECEMBER 2010: Pied Piper mini-zine (online version)
  • JANUARY 2011: Printable Dandelion Mailing Labels
  • FEBRUARY 2011: Printable Arti-Philately Album
  • MARCH 2011: Hansel & Gretel cross stitch chart
  • APRIL 2011: Gingerbread Man online-only mini-zine
  • MAY 2011: Read this Book! Printable bookmarks
  • JUNE 2011: Printable pebble labels
  • JULY 2011: Mail-Craft Mini-zine exclusive printable
  • AUGUST 2011: Free entry to The Achievement Badge Project
  • SEPTEMBER 2011: Exclusive Borrowed Time zine preview
  • OCTOBER 2011: Leftover Lavender cross stitch e-zine
  • NOVEMBER 2011: Booklet of Golden Tickets, printable & customisable
  • DECEMBER 2011: Dates to Remember printable mini-zine notebook
  • JANUARY 2012: Dandelion Smile Playing Cards/Notecards
  • FEBRUARY 2012: Borrowers Recycle! Envelope re-use labels & seals
  • APRIL 2012: Bookalog! printable mini-zine/notebook
  • NOVEMBER 2012: Light of my Life mini fairy tale Cover Story
  • DECEMBER 2012: A Handy Pouch – simple sewing tutorial
  • SEPTEMBER 2013: A Handwoven Postcard Tutorial (PDF)
  • NOVEMBER 2013: Airmail stripes & airmail ‘envelope’ background printable 

As of March 2012 TangleClub freebies will no longer be monthly, but new items WILL still be added, so please do check back for updates!

*Please note, TangleClub freebies & priveleges as listed above are valid on memberships from February 2012.  If your membership card includes different offers, please contact me and I will send you the updated version for the remainder of your membership period.  TangleClub Deluxe membership is no longer available, but all TC Deluxe members can continue to enjoy the extra benefits for the duration of their membership.


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