TangleClub July Update

July’s TangleClub freebie has just been added – hop over to the TangleClub Archive for an exclusive-to-TangleClub-members printable Mail-Craft Mini-Zine!  I spent a lot of June playing with my lovely collection of Machin stamps (and making badges from them!) so this mini-zine was the natural progression.  It includes some very easy ideas for making your own, personalised stationery by using & upcycling your own collected postage stamps, plus some Etsy links for further inspiration.

 If you are not currently a member of the TangleClub but want to share the monthly freebie goodness,  click here for all current membership options, and remember, if you spend $10 or more in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, you will qualify for TangleClub Basic membership absolutely free!

Back on the production line…

As you will no doubt have noticed, after moving house in February, I suffered a small bout of creative ennui which lasted throughout March and early April (hence lack of posts or activity in Etsy store).  So I took a break & read lots of books, instead!  Thankfully, in time for the May update, the creative impulse returned and I have been working on various coming-soon projects over the last few weeks.  

Today, I have had my nose to the grindstone, and finally prepared a decent-sized print run of the long overdue Valley of Dolls zine, complete with DIY Intuition Doll kit.  It is my first real collaborative zine, and is full of creative contributions from my crafty friends – very different to anything I have done before!   Please check out the resurrected listings in the Etsy store for more pics & full list of contents.

Oh, and in my role as emissary between realms, I also added another new item to the Etsy store a few days ago: a booklet of the latest TangleStamps, Dandelion Smile.  This is the first time the Local Post of Tangledom has made its wares available to the outer realms, but will hopefully not be the last.  Please note that while useful for decoration of correspondence and/or as envelope seals, TangleStamps are not valid as postage outside of the Realm of Tangledom.

Once upon a…haiku?

Fairy tales are one of my recurring fascinations, and I entertained myself recently by distilling many of the well-known tales into haiku glimpses.  The result is 3 maxi mini-zines (page size is 7.5 x 10.5cm but each mini-zine contains 16 pages plus covers), featuring haiku alongside classic illustrations from artists including Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, Walter Crane etc.

I had lots of fun writing the micro-poetry & hope you will enjoy the poems, too. 🙂 An ideal stocking stuffer for a fairy tale fan, the mini-zines are available individually, or in a money saving set from the TangleCrafts Etsy Store.

New Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Where would we be without a monthly issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly to look forward to?  I’ve just received my copies of the October (‘Falling into Fall’) issue, and it’s full of awesomeness, as always.  Autumn is my favourite season anyway, but reading this issue really reminded me of all the cosy things the colder weather, and darker nights make possible.    What will you find within its pages?  Here’s a little taster:

  • an interview with me, about the history of TangleCrafts, the way I work, and an introduction to Tangledom
  • an exclusive reprint of my very first mini-zine, ‘Small Ways to Save the World’ (by craftily re-purposing)
  • lots of projects – how to dry gourds, knit mittens, crochet a scarf, sew a ‘coffee cuff’ for your mug, build a birdhouse!
  • Productive & Smiling a feature article by zen master Mary Jaksch
  • how to plan your Christmas crafting
  • recipes for Tortilla Stew of Awesomeness, Absolutely Lentil Soup, and an Oat Straw Infusion
  • Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire
  • fun stuff – a colouring page, a wordsearch
  • and more!

Available now, in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store! 🙂

New things!

Check out the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for newly added items!  

First up is a brand new & revamped version of the Post Post Post Club – not only does it include a brand new issue of the Meta Mail Art Zine (available exclusively to club members), but you will also receive a membership card (entitling you to free gifts with future orders); a postmark address book, with PPP-exclusive mailing labels; plus exclusive mail art postcards to play with.  See the Etsy listings for full details & additional photos.  There are lots of different elements involved with each club package, so I will only be making limited memberships available at a time, so that I can keep on top of putting them all together.

And if you’re up for some mail art but fancy something a little bit different, why not enter into employment with the Local Post of Tangledom, as a Travelling Post Officer?  The Post Officer’s Companion will tell you all you need to know, and comes complete with a sample booklet of TangleStamps, a Travelling Post rubber stamp for cancellations, and a DIY TangleStamp kit for your own unique mulberry paper artistamp creations.

And remember – Christmas is coming!  I can’t make any promises, as we all know that the postal services at this time of year can be unreliable, to say the least, but if you place your order before the end of November, I will do my best to have your order reach you before Christmas.  The earlier you can order the better, though! Don’t forget, you will receive a free mini-zine with any order placed before the end of November!

A Handmade Life


For fans of zines, for fans of creativity, for fans of simplicity, check out brand new issue of
A Handmade Life (#5) by the awesome Robin O. Mayberry.  Contributors include Robin herself, Jim DuBois, Pattie Mosca, Johanna Felberbaum and l’il old me.  I am being slightly previous by posting this as I have not quite seen it ‘in the flesh’, yet (my grumpy postman has been grumpier than ever, since I started stalking him for my copy…! 😉 ) but having eagerly consumed previous issues of A Handmade Life I can guarantee that it will be a treat to savour.  Enjoy! 😀


Craft Leftovers, old & new!

Happy days are always here, whenever a new issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly plops onto my doormat! 😀 The September issue arrived last week while I was catching up after the Bazaar, and it was lovely to finally have to sit down for a good read with it, over the weekend. 🙂

The September issue of CLM is all about miniatures and includes:

  • Smitten Kitten miniature 3-dimensional knitted cat project
  • miniature fabric banner project
  • an interview with amigurumi queen Denise
  • The Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire
  • mini tie-quilt project, how to knit in miniature
  • …and quite possibly the cutest project EVER – the entire zine reproduced at doll’s house scale, for you to cut out & staple together. Genius!

This issue also features 2 projects by yours truly (previously available in my currently discontinued half-size Borrowers zine):

  • how to make your own matchbox (inc. templates)
  • plus a Borrower-scale rug (or mug rug) in retro waves, to cross stitch or needlepoint.

Buy your copy from the TangleCrafts Etsy Store and receive a FREE ‘mystery’ mini-zine!

Don’t forget that previous issues of Craft Leftovers Monthly are also available!  The most recent 3 are available in my Etsy store, and the full range is available from the Craft Leftover Shop, including:

  • August 2010 – My favourite issue to date – all about books!  This issue includes: Woven & Stitched Bookmark project, an interview with Susan Angebranndt of Green Chair Press, a Library Bag to crochet, an awesomely simple fabric-covered book holder project, The Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire, a wonderful book-cover journal project, AND a 5 page article about zine-making by me.
  • SUMMER 2010 – This bumper issue features: the M.A.P. (Museum All Purpose) Bag pattern, Plaited Paper Basket mini-zine & kit, paper plate masks, a crafty city guide to Montreal by Fanie Gregoire, crafty cartoons, puzzles and reviews, lots more fun stuff and stories from Kristin, AND a mail art travel kit feature by me, to accompany Kristin’s awesome Postal Clutch.

  • August 2009 – It’s all about drawing (especially for the slightly scared, like me!).  Includes: how to make your own charcoal, book reviews, fold-out pattern to sew your own Pencil Wrap , & lots more inspiration.

  • July 2009 – This issue was my favourite until this year’s August issue came along!  July ’09 features: a block printing tutorial, all about silk screening, reviews of books about bookmaking, plus how to make your own mini-book.

Gone postal…again!

For anyone who didn’t snap up the one week only offer of the 12-set of Going Postal mini-zines, head over to the TangleCrafts Etsy Store now!  Hot off the press is the Going Postal Gallery, a single volume A6 (quarter-size) zine showcasing all submissions to the Going Postal mail art project, plus notes from the artists on their techniques and inspiration.

It’s a fascinating collection of different interpretations of the postage/postal/mail art theme, ranging from postboxes to mail carriers, maps to ephemera, postage stamps to artistamps, in a variety of art and craft techniques.  Take a look!

Retired, renewed

With a hint of sadness, I have retired one of my earliest zines: PostScript.  It has actually been one of my most popular so I don’t wish to appear ungrateful, however I felt that it was time for me to move on. I have taken my favourite element from PostScript, the postcard recycling projects & labels, and reinvented them in the Postcard Recycling Kit.  I have added a more TangleCraft-y cover design (the ‘Over the Hills & Far Away’ lino print many loyal customers will recognise from my most widely utilised TangleStamp), extra postcard labels, and the option to include a postcard rubber stamp set (address box & postage stamp combo).

See listings in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for full details – and don’t forget, receive FREE membership to the TangleClub when you spend $20 or more!

Earth Day is coming…

Earth Day is on April 22nd, and this year I wanted to do something to commemorate it.  So I wrote a zine!  It’s called ‘A Bit of Earth’ and is also an homage to one of my favourite novels for children, ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  The mini-zine is printed on recycled paper embedded with lavender flower heads, and on the front cover is a pocket containing a packet of ready-to-plant poppy seeds, and a selection of blank labels (with floral motif), ideal for envelope re-use – a little kit to help you save a little bit of earth!

However, I am also giving away a free download version of this zine (no paper = even eco-friendlier!) to all members of the newly established TangleClub.  All you need to do to become a member in April is buy anything at all from the TangleCrafts Etsy store.  When your membership card arrives – in addition to all the extra club discounts – you will also be in possession of the secret password to access the archive of TangleClub freebies (which will be added to monthly)!

Tempted?  Go browse the store, and gain access to your free Bit of Earth!