Housekeeping, housemoving

I have finally got around to applying a spot of much-needed housekeeping to these pages – nothing dramatic, just updating some links here, revising information there etc etc.  I’ve even added a new page, but I’m not going to highlight it until after…

…the housemove…  Yes, it is time for that occasion which seems to occur all too frequently for the Mwamba family: we are on the move again.   Despite our hopes that we would finally settle in our current home, circumstances have conspired against us, and – thankfully at no expense to ourselves! – we will shortly be re-locating once more.  On the plus side, the new house has more space to accommodate our joint and multitudinous possessions.  And it’s called ‘The Roselands’, which is kinda nice.

So within a month, we should be installed, and all the projects I have temporarily put on hold will be re-instated.  And guess what?  I have actually completed Telaic Fantasy #4! Yes, I have, it’s true!  But I am going to wait until the upheaval is over before the ‘grand unveiling’.  😉

Just a note re. the house-move – all of my mail will be re-directed, as soon as the move is complete, so any project submissions or other correspondence will still reach me, even if you send it to the old (/current) address.  I will be updating all of my zines with the new contact details, but if you need my new postal address, just drop me a line, and I will keep you updated.