TangleClub – September update!

Wow – since the launch of the TangleClub at the beginning of April, we already have nearly 80 members! ¬†I’m really pleased to see so many of you taking advantage of the benefits, and claiming your discounts & freebies with subsequent orders. ūüôā

Existing members can now take advantage of the latest club-exclusive freebie Рa printable sheet of TangleStamps (faux postage).  Click on over to the TangleClub Archive to take a peek!

As of September 1st 2010 (today!), I have made a few changes to the TangleClub. See below for full details of 2 new Membership Packages, Basic & Deluxe ( upgrades available), now in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store:

The Basic Membership Package – $5
or FREE when you spend over $20 (excl. postage)

$5 is a small price to pay, if you consider all the savings you will make on future orders placed within the following year, but you can still claim an absolutely FREE basic membership package when you spend over $20 on any other TangleCrafts items.  Your membership cardlet (more than a card but less than a booklet!) entitles you to:

  • FREE mail art/mail craft address labels with every order
  • 10% discount on your 1st order
  • FREE mini-zine with your 2nd order
  • FREE postage on your 3rd order
  • 20% discount on your 4th order
  • 10% discount on all subsequent orders
  • FREE Basic Membership (for year following current membership period), with your 8th order

The Deluxe Membership Package – $10
With the deluxe membership package you will receive all the benefits & discounts as above, but in addition, you will receive a zinebomb mini-zine, plus a club-exclusive 5 issue subscription to the Mulberry Digest over the following year of your membership.  Each issue includes:

  • The latest seasonal news from Tangledom
  • Updates on the newest zines & products available from TangleCrafts
  • Additional special offer freebies available only to TangleClub Deluxe members!

Upgrade Membership Package (Basic Member) – $6
If you already have a Basic TangleClub Membership but would like to upgrade to Deluxe Membership, you can purchase this upgrade package to claim all the benefits as outlined above.

Upgrade Membership Package (original member) – $5
If you joined the TangleClub during the introductory period (April-August 2010), you can purchase this upgrade package to become a full TangleClub Deluxe member, with all the benefits as outlined above, but only 4 issues of Mulberry Digest (because your membership will expire before the 5th is released).  Available to purchase until December 31st, 2010 only.

TangleClub – August update

If you are a member of the TangleClub, now is the time to check out the TangleClub Archive for the latest club-exclusive freebie.  This month, I have put together an online exclusive for TangleClub members, combining the very first Going Postal mini-zine with the most recent, completed on August 2nd.

Inspired by the contributions so far? ¬†There’s still time to contribute! ¬†Submissions are still accepted until August 31st – click here for full details.

Not a member?  All you need to do is place an order for any item in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, and your TangleClub membership package will be despatched with your order.

Already a member? ¬†Don’t forget, you are entitled to 10% off your next order (or different discounts/offers if you have already placed a second order) so browse the store, and see what’s new!