April Update

Are you a Friend of the Borrowers?  The Society for the Preservation of Borrowers has revised its Membership Packet, which now has transparent cellophane packaging, and a mini magnifying sheet, for ease of reading your copy of Borrowed Time!  Throughout April only, The Membership Packet will be available at the previous selling price – please see Etsy listings for further details & additional pics.  Individual Borrowed badges will also be available soon – watch this space!


Please also note that Royal Mail postage prices are due to increase at the end of April, and so TangleCrafts shipping costs will have to increase accordingly (this will vary according to weight/bulk etc). 😦  I will try to keep increases to a minimum, but thought it only fair to warn you!

TangleClub March Update

All change!

The TangleClub has undergone another minor makeover, with a new design for membership cards.  Existing members will receive an updated card with any order placed; but the club discount code is the same, so you won’t miss out, if you don’t place a new order straight away!  The biggest change is that freebies will no longer be issued on a strictly monthly basis, BUT TangleClub Members will still have access to all the freebies in the TangleClub Archive, and new freebies WILL still be added, just at slightly more irregular intervals.  This is mostly to ensure that the free stuff shared is good stuff, and not just random stuff I have scrabbled to put together with a monthly deadline looming!

If you are not currently a member of the TangleClub but want to join us,  click here for all current membership options, and remember, if you spend £5 or more in the TangleStore or TangleStore UK you will qualify for TangleClub Basic membership absolutely free!

So, what else is new?

We also have a brand new Offer of the Month: for March only you will receive a set of 3 Behind the Times badges when you place an order for the latest issue of the Enchanted Times (#4).  (But if you were quick off the mark & pre-ordered your copy of ET4, don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out!  The Behind the Times badge set is also available separately. 🙂 )

Anything else?

 There’s definitely still much more to come this month, so please check back for updates!

Bazaar bestsellers!

Following a week consisting almost exclusively of upcycled postage stamp badge sales, it was interesting at the (very quiet) craft fair yesterday, This is Bazaar, to find that my bestseller of the day by far was my brand new Truth-Be-Told Mirrors.  These proved very popular as stocking fillers & Secret Santa gifts, with several people unable to decide between the 2 designs, White Liar and Bold as Brass.  In celebration of this success, I have added a new twin-set of mirrors so that you don’t have to make that difficult decision (I’m so selfless!), and can explore the duality of your nature with impunity.  Or give one to a friend (with a sense of humour).  Or give one to an enemy (sense of humour optional)… 😉

One of the best things about being a vendor at This is Bazaar is seeing all the other cool stuff that local creative types are making (This is Bazaar is always very good at highlighting quirky and original makers rather than traditional/cutesy crafts).

Here are a few of my favourites:

the gorgeous mosaics of Julie Vernon.  Yes, I fell for the bird motifs again – I couldn’t find a pic online, but what I really fell in love with were some bird mosaic ‘pebbles’.  I say pebbles in inverted commas as the term feels slightly insubstantial for items which were large/heavy enough to use as very sturdy paperweights…;

the chunky and colourful resin & silver jewellery by Natonia Pickup.  We had a good long chat & I discovered Natonia also dabbles in bookbinding (amongst other things), so I’m holding out to see some unique hand-bound books at the next Bazaar… 😉

…and I also had an interesting conversation with my ‘next door’ vendor, Steve Brown of Rusty Spoons.  He writes comics(/graphic novels) by creating characters based on emotions & I felt like I got a great deal when I traded an Enchanted Times Mini for the Vanity mini comic! (In retrospect, I think my subconscious decided I should choose this one because of the mirror connection…)  The mini comic is produced on top quality glossy paper for vibrant colour reproduction, but just as importantly, it’s really a great story.  It made me laugh, but the stories are definitely on the darker side, so don’t say you haven’t been warned!  I can highly recommend the Rusty Spoons book, for a compilation of 13 tales which has rather wonderfully been reviewed as “delightfully devoid of hope”.  Love it!

…and the winners are…

Slightly later than advertised, here are the winners from the
International Zine Month Giveaway (as selected by random.org):

  • Elizabeth Walker from Windsor, Canada 
  • Emma Couch from London, United Kingdom
  • Christina Cairns from Perth, Australia

Thank you to every one who took part & helped in the Zine Month celebrations!
A surpise zine (previously reviewed on this blog) will be sent out to each winner by the end of August – really hope you enjoy them!  Feel free to add your comments against the relevant Zines I Like post, after reading. 🙂

Ordering update

Please excuse my poor planning!  I failed to realise when I extended the deadline on the International Zine Month Offer that in fact I would be away from home for the extension period.  Usually I would put the Etsy Store in vacation mode while I’m away, but so as not to backtrack on the previous offer, I am going to leave the store open – which of course means that if you do place an order that there will be a delay of up to 2 weeks before I can begin processing your order.

I will be back in action week commencing August 8th, so will select prize winners & start fulfilling orders from that point on.  I will also be including a free mini-zine for EVERYONE who places an order while I am away, regardless of whether or not you enter/win the Zine Month competition.  Hopefully, that is an acceptable compromise! 🙂

TangleClub – October update!

Have you joined the TangleClub yet?  If not, click here for all the different options!  Alternatively, spend $10 or more on anything else in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store and receive a Basic Membership Package absolutely FREE!

For existing members your club-exclusive freebie for October awaits you!  This month, you can print your very own ‘Ideas Grow’ mini-zine notebook, perfect for tucking in your pocket, and can be used to design your own comic rather than take notes, if you prefer!  Click on over to the TangleClub Archive for full details. 🙂

Another exclusive offer for existing TangleClub members:
Place an order anytime throughout October and receive a First Day Cover postcard of the latest TangleStamp!  The design is called ‘Star of Daphne’ and is derived from a hand-carved block print.  The postcard also tells you the story behind the Star of Daphne, an element of Tangledom’s unique folklore.

Craft Leftovers, old & new!

Happy days are always here, whenever a new issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly plops onto my doormat! 😀 The September issue arrived last week while I was catching up after the Bazaar, and it was lovely to finally have to sit down for a good read with it, over the weekend. 🙂

The September issue of CLM is all about miniatures and includes:

  • Smitten Kitten miniature 3-dimensional knitted cat project
  • miniature fabric banner project
  • an interview with amigurumi queen Denise
  • The Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire
  • mini tie-quilt project, how to knit in miniature
  • …and quite possibly the cutest project EVER – the entire zine reproduced at doll’s house scale, for you to cut out & staple together. Genius!

This issue also features 2 projects by yours truly (previously available in my currently discontinued half-size Borrowers zine):

  • how to make your own matchbox (inc. templates)
  • plus a Borrower-scale rug (or mug rug) in retro waves, to cross stitch or needlepoint.

Buy your copy from the TangleCrafts Etsy Store and receive a FREE ‘mystery’ mini-zine!

Don’t forget that previous issues of Craft Leftovers Monthly are also available!  The most recent 3 are available in my Etsy store, and the full range is available from the Craft Leftover Shop, including:

  • August 2010 – My favourite issue to date – all about books!  This issue includes: Woven & Stitched Bookmark project, an interview with Susan Angebranndt of Green Chair Press, a Library Bag to crochet, an awesomely simple fabric-covered book holder project, The Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire, a wonderful book-cover journal project, AND a 5 page article about zine-making by me.
  • SUMMER 2010 – This bumper issue features: the M.A.P. (Museum All Purpose) Bag pattern, Plaited Paper Basket mini-zine & kit, paper plate masks, a crafty city guide to Montreal by Fanie Gregoire, crafty cartoons, puzzles and reviews, lots more fun stuff and stories from Kristin, AND a mail art travel kit feature by me, to accompany Kristin’s awesome Postal Clutch.

  • August 2009 – It’s all about drawing (especially for the slightly scared, like me!).  Includes: how to make your own charcoal, book reviews, fold-out pattern to sew your own Pencil Wrap , & lots more inspiration.

  • July 2009 – This issue was my favourite until this year’s August issue came along!  July ’09 features: a block printing tutorial, all about silk screening, reviews of books about bookmaking, plus how to make your own mini-book.