Jeans Pocket Pincushion

Pocket PincushionAfter the ‘success’ of my Mis-shape, I was still itching to stitch.  I dug out an embroidered pocket that I saved from a pair of jeans that I threw out years ago.  All I did was running stitch across the top, closing the pocket, except for the last couple of centimetres.  This time I was better prepared, rolled some card into a funnel, and made less of a mess filling the inside with moong beans.  Finished stitching across the top.  I could have left it there, but my streak of pink stitching looked a bit wishy-washy, so I whip-stitched back across it with a 6-ply hand-dyed cotton, so it looked as though it wasn’t pretnding not to be there.  It makes a great pincushion (actually, it makes a pretty good paperweight) and I’m really pleased that after about 5 years I have finally done something with that rescued pocket.  I knew it was worth saving!

Sewing? Me?

Okay, so I woke up this morning, on the first of a few days off.  I’ve been looking forward to catching up on all the things I’ve been talking about getting around to.  But this morning, when I woke up, I had an unprecedented urge to sew something.  Me!  Sewing machines scare the life out of me, & I’ve not sewn anything since a badly appliqued sewing case when I was 9!  Oh, and I attempted to sew up a hole in a jumper on request of an ex-boyfriend who didn’t understand the difference between sewing and embroidery.

Well, I have been being seduced lately by the fantastic books of cuteness by Aranzi Aronzo, the fabulous ‘Stray Sock Sewing’, and the weirdly cool ‘Plush-o-Rama’.  Every time I look at these pattern books, I think, ‘That looks easy; surely I could do that’; so I guess my inner self decided it was time I put myself to the test.

I was up very early, very twitchy to do something.  But I decided that I needed felt, and dried beans to fill whatever I made, so I dashed out to the shops, and got there before they were even open.  In the end I got some moong beans, but had a flash of ‘insight’ that suggested I already had some felt at home.  Turned out I was wrong.  Well, I was itching to get on with something.  I’m not a fabric addict (threads & yarns, that’s another story) so I didn’t have any interesting oddments to use up.  What I do have, however, is LOTS of old clothes, many of which are either too big or too small.  One quick rummage later, and I was finally ready to begin.

I cut 2 very rough squares of fabric, approx. 4″ square.  I used 1 plain t-shirt, and 1 patterned.  I pinned them together around the edges, with the right side facing inwards.  Oh, before I pinned them, I sewed 2 buttons and stitched a nose/mouth (randomly positioned) onto the right side of the plain fabric.

Mis-shapen front (top) and back (bottom)

This was just a trial for me, so I didn’t want to copy a pattern from a book or online.  And I certainly didn’t want to bother with fiddly things like tracing, and cutting paper patterns!  I decided just to (running) stitch a fairly random outline, within the pinned border of the fabric.  It turned out slightly more random than anticipated, but I was fine with that.  I remembered not to sew it closed, and turned it inside out (after trimming off the excess fabric to 0.5cm outside my stitches).  I then poured as many moong beans onto the kitchen counter as I did inside the ‘thing’.  I slip-stitched the hole closed, et voila – my very first hand-sewn Mis-shape (‘It’s a mis-shape with ears’, as my husband said when he saw it).

I think he’s very cute.  More will have to follow.   I can’t believe that suddenly I want to sew…

(N.B. I promise that the beautifully centred pattern on the back is purely accidental!)