TangleCrafts re-opened!

Well, the house-move ran mercifully smoothly. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Still various bits & bobs to get straightened out and a couple of orders from the ‘transition period’ to catch up with, but all is feeling settled enough so I have re-opened the TangleStore today. ¬†There are a few ETPrintworks items currently listed in the TangleStore which won’t¬†be available after E.T.Printworks re-launches next month, so now is the time to catch them! ¬†More items will gradually be added as life returns to ‘normal’, so watch this space for updates…

TangleCrafts pre-opening

Thankfully, the house-move is running smoothly, so I have re-opened the¬†TangleStore¬†with limited stock and am taking pre-orders for these items. ¬†Items will be sent out in order of purchase date from the end of next week onwards and additional stock will be added over the following weeks. ¬†ETPrintworks¬†will remain closed until March, but is currently on schedule for the anniversary re-launch – yay! ūüôā

I’m currently very bored of packing and transporting boxes and am very much looking forward to being back in business as soon possible!

Wow – that was tedious! (But kind of interesting, too.)

Folksy (that’s the Etsy of the UK) has very recently undergone something of a makeover. ¬†Now I’ve got over the initial surprise at the change in appearance, I think I’m decided it’s quite a clean and funky new look. ¬†What’s tedious about that? Nothing! ¬†The tedious part is that alongside the makeover there have been all kinds of tweaks to product listings – so there I was earlier today, wondering what I would do with my evening – and now here it is, gone! ¬†I have been into each of my listings to add minor extra details such as materials used, colours (not especially relevant to most of my stuff), my location (um, could that be made a fixed field, please?) etc. ¬†Yes, those were the tedious bits, and it took forever going into each listing to change everything. ¬†But the interesting addition they have made is a huge space for each listing headed ‘inspiration’ . ¬†This sits just next to the product description beneath the photo on the item page, so there is the appearance of columns (yes, like a newspaper; yes, that’s one reason why I like it). ¬†Hmm. ¬†Yes, it was probably this which took up my evening…

I found it interesting that when I was pinpointing the inspiration for a particular project, I found that in some cases I was providing information that I wouldn’t¬†have included under the product description. ¬†I doubt anything I’ve written will be the deciding factor for somebody browsing the store (sarcasm alert:¬†“oh, I must buy this now – she says it was based on a project she took part in! ¬†Wow!”); but on a personal level, I’m always interested in the ideas behind projects, and an item with a story is always more interesting to me than one without. ¬†And also on a personal level, it was a bit of a trip down memory lane figuring out what was my jumping off point or starting brief for some of the older projects. ¬†I’d totally forgotten some things until I set my mind to it.

So anyway, if you’re like me & curious about where an idea began, take a browse around the Folksy TangleStore*, and while you might not learn anything earth-shattering, you might learn a few ir/relevant and/or random extra details that you otherwise might never have known.

I apologise for the overuse of the word ‘interesting’ (& its derivatives) in this post…

P.S. ¬†If you are not in the UK & feeling excluded by all this Folksy talk, don’t! ¬†I’ve decided to go through & add the international shipping option to all the Folksy listings, so they will soon be available to you, too. ¬†Give me another couple of days, though, because I don’t think I can face all that editing again tonight… :S

Makeovers all round

As you may have already noticed ūüėČ I decided to go for another blog re-design to match the new Etsy header. ¬†I liked the green of the old blog but I love that I could totally kraftify the background of this one – I feel much more at home here! ¬†Still a few minor tweaks needed to finish off, but I’m definitely liking the new look.

I have also revised all the Etsy pricing into £ sterling so that I can stay on the right side of fluctuating exchange rates.  Previously, all prices in the TangleStore were in US$ even though I am in the UK Рwhich obviously, now I come to think about it, did not really make a lot of sense!  The prices you see on Etsy from now on will be a conversion from £ sterling into whatever currency is local to you (according to your own Etsy settings), based on current exchange rates.  You may notice minor variance in price on one or two items, but I have kept things as close as possible to previous pricing, so differences should be minimal.

Ordering update

Please excuse my poor planning! ¬†I failed to realise when I extended the deadline on the International Zine Month Offer that in fact I would be away from home for the extension period. ¬†Usually I would put the Etsy Store in vacation mode while I’m away, but so as not to backtrack on the previous offer, I am going to leave the store open – which of course means that if you do¬†place an order that there will be a delay of up to 2 weeks before I can begin processing your order.

I will be back in action week commencing August 8th, so will select prize winners & start fulfilling orders from that point on. ¬†I will also be including a free mini-zine for EVERYONE who places an order while I am away, regardless of whether or not you enter/win the Zine Month competition. ¬†Hopefully, that is an acceptable compromise! ūüôā

Welcome to the TangleClub!

Welcome to the TangleClub
– a new way to celebrate all things TangleCraft-y!

(Click here for full details!)

Place any order in the TangleCrafts Etsy store during April*, and you will receive automatic membership to the TangleClub.

As a TangleClub member you will receive the 4-page membership card shown above (plus a strip of postmark-style envelope seals).  The membership card enables you to collect special TangleClub labels which in turn will earn you discounts, freebies & special offers on all future orders.  The membership card also provides a password so that you can access exclusive club pages featuring FREE downloadable goodies such as zines & stationery.   The club pages will be updated at least once a month, with exclusive freebies solely for club members!

Place your order now to receive FREE TangleClub membership!

*After April, membership will be available to purchase, or free with a minimum order value

March special offer!

Spend $10 or more in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store throughout March,
& you’ll receive a FREE (mystery!) mini-zine with your order!

What will it be?
Will everyone get the same zine?
What if you order more than once?

You’ll just have to wait and see! ūüėČ

P.S.  Just in case you were wondering, you will still get your free discount voucher & micro-zine, too!