Gone Postal

As of my grumpy postman’s arrival this morning (and excepting the unlikely but not impossible instance of further submissions arriving by carrier pigeon or some such, later in the day) the Going Postal Project is now over!

After 7 months, a grand total of 12 mini-zines were produced, showcasing the contributions & notes of 36 artists & crafters from 6 different countries.  A complete Gallery zine will be available sometime next week, and in the meantime, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, sets of all 12 mini-zines are available in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store.  If, like me, you love all things postal, you will be fascinated by this collection of artistic interpretations of postage/postal/mail art themes.  Full of different styles and ideas, you can’t help but be inspired!

P.S.  I know you can only see 9 mini-zines in the photos, but you will receive all 12, if you order a set, I promise! 😀