Zines I Like #2: So You Wanna Write a Manifesto? by A4DS

From the inside front cover:
Art for a Democratic Society is dedicated to the promotion of a conscious and public discussion of art and its role in society.  We believe that open and democratic debate, discussion, and critique are preconditions for progressive and inclusive movements in politics, art, and culture.  We seek to engage artists and art audiences in public discussions concerning the state of. and relationship between, art, politics, and culture in contemporary society.”

While I am marginally scared by the earnestness of the above statement, I am nonetheless fascinated by the concept of art manifestos.  And this cute little pocket-sized workbook really makes me want to sit down and think for a moment about what & why I create.  Crammed into its 16 pages is an overview of writing a manifesto, questions and starting points to kickstart your own manifesto, plus 4 manifestos created during a manifesto workshop, demonstrating alternative approaches to the project.

So You Wanna Write a Manifesto? is available for a measly $1 from the A4DS (Art for a Democratic Society) Etsy Store, as well as a wide variety of additional historical & contemporary manifestos to inspire you.  You can also visit the A4DS blog for lots of online content & to find out how to participate in the Manifesto Exchange.

Zines I Like #1: One a Day by WalkerWorld

Zines I Like is going to be a recurring if sporadic feature on this blog – in no way comprehensive, but just a heads-up to some cool zines I have discovered.  After ‘researching’ my treasuries a couple of weeks ago I had a small spree, so the next few days will feature some zines I have very recently acquired.  The numbering, by the way, is not a rating or hierarchy of the zines mentioned, just a numerical list of those featured to help me keep track. 

One a Day: April 2011 by WalkerWorld

I first came across Laura Walker’s zines early last year, with her first One a Day project (which I blogged about briefly here).  In fact, Laura was the inspiration for my own Doodle a Day project in February of this year which I mentioned in passing here.  (It was a fun challenge & I’ll be expanding on various ideas that emerged from it, but the resulting zine will only be seeing very limited release! 😉 )

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, Laura’s own One a Day project has morphed slightly for 2011 into more of a journal project, making for a fun & varied zine cataloguing the random details of Laura’s life through photography, handwritten text, lists, traditional cut’n’paste photocopied layouts & cartoon-style illustrations.  I loved Laura’s original One a Day project, but it’s interesting to see how an idea grows and develops.   Probably what I like most about it is that it incorporates pretty much everything that my own zines do not!  You can check out both old & new styles in the Walker World Etsy Store as well as the brand new May 2011 issue (which I will update on here once I’ve snaffled my copy!).


Have you ever wanted to create a zine but not been sure where to begin?  Just for you, 😉 I have put together an Etsy ZineCraft Treasury, with links to some brilliant resources to help you get started & ideas to get inspiration flowing.  The pic to the left shows complete DIY ‘Make Your Own Zine Kit’ from Don Picton’s Etsy store, FriendPrices.  Don says of himself & his zines: “I’m Self-motivated uptight weirdo. I like making stuff to make people smile and not be uptight weirdos.”

On an unrelated note, today is rainy in the extreme, and while I am enjoying listening to the sound of the rain pounding against the window, I have no desire to go out in it.  But go out in it I must…  Ah well. 🙂

While my printer chugs & whirs…

…I have been window shopping, and I found so much cool stuff, I created a Totally Postal Etsy Treasury, full of fun & creative zines & corresponding delights.  I also discovered a whole host of artists selling beautiful bird-themed loveliness  – sadly not quite enough to fill another treasury, but definitely sufficient to warrant a little gallery here.  Just click on the pics to check out the Etsy stores:


Adopt an envelope!

Yes, you heard me right, adopt an envelope, if not 5 of them!  These are handmade envelopes made especially for you from magazine pages given a second chance in life, by a lovely girl in Hong Kong (“…trying to travel the world in the most inexpensive way – the internet and the mail with words from the bottom of my heart.”)

Click on the button above for full details. 🙂

Feeling bored?

There used to be a TV program shown during the summer holidays called ‘Why don’t you?’, and it was pretty much all about things to do when you’re bored, to stop you from being bored.  A friend recently alerted me to a very cool DIY game called 1000 Blank Cards, which struck me as exactly the kind of thing that might have been featured (except it wasn’t, as the game is relatively recently invented, and Why Don’t You was shown approx. 25 years ago.  Erk.  I’m old.)   Anyway, here are a couple of cards that I was sent to start off my deck, and I fully intend to force unassuming friends to join in the game next time they think they are innocently coming around just to hang out.  So, why don’t you?  Draw your own cards (as you know, I can’t draw, either – that doesn’t need to be a hindrance!), get as weird/original/quirky/mundane as you like and just…play!  Seriously, who has time to be bored?

N.B. I think anybody playing 1000 Blank Cards in my house would sadly earn nul points if they happened to draw the souvenir thimble card above.   Do many people have them?  Really?  Well, being out of the loop in the majority of ways, it really wouldn’t surprise me to learn I have totally missed the latest souvenir-thimble-collecting craze – but maybe I’m not too late.  Watch this space for a souvenir thimble update the next time I have been…uh…anywhere…  Hmm.  There could be a flaw in this plan…

New Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Where would we be without a monthly issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly to look forward to?  I’ve just received my copies of the October (‘Falling into Fall’) issue, and it’s full of awesomeness, as always.  Autumn is my favourite season anyway, but reading this issue really reminded me of all the cosy things the colder weather, and darker nights make possible.    What will you find within its pages?  Here’s a little taster:

  • an interview with me, about the history of TangleCrafts, the way I work, and an introduction to Tangledom
  • an exclusive reprint of my very first mini-zine, ‘Small Ways to Save the World’ (by craftily re-purposing)
  • lots of projects – how to dry gourds, knit mittens, crochet a scarf, sew a ‘coffee cuff’ for your mug, build a birdhouse!
  • Productive & Smiling a feature article by zen master Mary Jaksch
  • how to plan your Christmas crafting
  • recipes for Tortilla Stew of Awesomeness, Absolutely Lentil Soup, and an Oat Straw Infusion
  • Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire
  • fun stuff – a colouring page, a wordsearch
  • and more!

Available now, in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store! 🙂

A Handmade Life


For fans of zines, for fans of creativity, for fans of simplicity, check out brand new issue of
A Handmade Life (#5) by the awesome Robin O. Mayberry.  Contributors include Robin herself, Jim DuBois, Pattie Mosca, Johanna Felberbaum and l’il old me.  I am being slightly previous by posting this as I have not quite seen it ‘in the flesh’, yet (my grumpy postman has been grumpier than ever, since I started stalking him for my copy…! 😉 ) but having eagerly consumed previous issues of A Handmade Life I can guarantee that it will be a treat to savour.  Enjoy! 😀


Books grow on trees

In my last post, I mentioned how much I love books & reading.  It is one of my greatest pleasures.  But I do feel a measure of guilt, because as we all know, books are made from paper, which in turn comes from trees.  So my conscience was eased ever so slightly, when I stumbled across this great concept:
Eco Libris!  With Eco Libris’ plan, you can plant a tree for every book you read, and therefore help to replenish the world’s resources.  The more you read, the more you help!  Through the Eco Libris site you can make a payment to have any number of trees planted; and for every tree planted you will receive a “One tree planted for this book” sticker made of recycled paper to display on your book.

Another great site, if you are in the UK, is Green Metropolis.   The site allows you to recycle old books through their marketplace: there is a fixed price of £3.75 for every book; a donation is made to the Woodland Trust with every book bought/sold; the Woodland Trust in turn plants trees to replenish the woodlands.  Everybody wins!