Enchanted Times – not just for fairyland!

More readers behind the Times, courtesy of the Raven Rural Route postal service.

“Barbara and Marlene, enjoying an Autumn afternoon in the pumpkin patch, are enjoying the latest editions of Enchanted Times being delivered by Raven Rural Route postal service to outlying areas.  Their opinions are that while the news can be pretty Grimm at times, doll children need to be informed of fairy land news too.”

Many thanks to ET reader Wanda Mortensen for sharing this candid snap, showing dollkind catching up on the latest old news.  It’s great to see even more readers behind the Times & good to know that the Fast-As-You-Can Co Co (courier company) is working in successful collaboration with so many Real World postal services, as well as subsidiary branches of smaller districts such as (most commonly) the Local Post of Tangledom and the Raven Rural Route (as above).

While I eagerly await updates on Wanda’s recent yarnbombing adventures, you can catch up with her earlier crafty exploits here.