Join the D.I.Y. Weaving Club!

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Membership Book & card

Join the D.I.Y. Weaving Club with the Basic Membership Package, and (mailed in a handmade envelope) you will receive:

  • Lifelong membership to the D.I.Y. Weaving Club
  • A weave-able membership card (printed on recycled card)
  • An exclusive Club Membership book (printed on recycled paper)
  • Email updates of new club zines, kits & other cool stuff.

Book inners cropped

The membership book has 16 quarter-sized pages (plus covers), a simple, hand-stitched binding, and includes a hand-folded origami pocket to keep your membership card safe. It also includes:

  • a D.I.Y. Weaving Club Membership Pledge page, for you to sign & date (this will come pre-authorised by Club President – me!)
  • full instructions for warping & weaving your club card
  • suggestions for potential D.I.Y. weaving looms, accessories & yarn, with spaces for you to fill in your own ideas
  • project record pages, to keep notes of your ideas, inspiration, and finished weavings
  • photocopiable ‘Handwoven by’ labels, to add to your work


Look out for occasional listings for bumper membership packages, including copies of Telaic Fantasy zine (etc) (‘Telaic Fantasy’ zine is also available without club membership).



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