Society for the Preservation of Borrowers

Welcome to SPoB!
Please pledge your support!

Borrowers are on the brink of extinction!
Support SPoB and help Borrowers to survive
in their natural habitat.


Borrowed Time is SPoB‘s essential handbook, providing you with an editorial about the plight of the contemporary Borrower, a comprehensive overview of Borrowers in literary history, preferred habitats & more, and your own copy of the SPoB Manifesto to read & sign.  Issue #2 of Borrowed Time will be released later in 2012 & include features on Borrowed/upcycled/miniature crafting, plus an exclusive preview of the latest acquisitions from the SPoB Educational Museum.

Pledge your support to the cause & become a Friend of the Borrowers.
All new FoBs receive a membership pack containing:

  • a copy of Borrowed Time (micro-zine)
  • a mini magnifier sheet
  • a SPoB membership card
  • an upcycled pinback badge, featuring the Borrowers Recycle! logo

All funds received by SPoB will go towards a brighter future for the Borrowers.
Help us to help them!




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