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You can now buy from TangleCrafts (& TheTangledPress) online at the
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If you don’t see what you are looking for in the store, please email me. If there is something I have mentioned in the blog, or elsewhere that isn’t currently in the store, I will add a listing just for you, if it is available to buy!


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    • Do you mean ‘Tapestry Weaving’ by Kirsten Glasbrook? Much as I would love to take the credit for this brilliant introduction to tapestry, I’m afraid it is not mine! I don’t know the make of the tapestry frame pictured on page 10, but it is not dissimilar to the Ashford frame loom. If you do a google search for ‘Ashford frame loom’ you will find lots of US suppliers; it’s quite common, I think. If you struggle, or if this isn’t what you want, it says in the publishing credits section at the beginning of the book, “If you have difficulty in obtaining any of the materials and equipment mentioned in this book, please visit the Search Press website for details of suppliers:

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