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TangleCrafts is just, well, a big tangled celebration of crafts.  It started off with my needlework/bargello designs, then mutated into a showcase for my tapestry weaving, which led me into launching a range of D.I.Y. weaving kits, which became the D.I.Y. Weaving Club.  Preparation of kits led me into an exploration of practical origami and basic bookbinding techniques; D.I.Y. weaving led me into exploration of other forms of re-purposed crafting.  The Weaving Club’s zine, Telaic Fantasy, brought me to the realisation that I love writing zines, which has led to the genesis of a whole raft more zines, allowing me to digress further along any other avenues that intrigue me (such as mail art – oh, zines & mail art, what a glorious combination!).  At this point, TangleCrafts reached a fork in the road, and TheTangledPress evolved as a branch specialising in not-specifically-crafty zines, and print-making – another newly acquired interest…

Like I said, TangleCrafts is just one big tangled mess of crafts.  My blog is a testament to the thousands of ideas my head is constantly buzzing with, and a record of the comparatively few I manage to pin down before being swept along another new path.  Life is a creative journey – please feel free to travel with me, or join me for a while before branching off on your own.



There’s always time to try something new!








Please explore at your leisure
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6 thoughts on “**About TangleCrafts

  1. Hullo – ‘masterbard’ from Swapbot here!

    Received your lovely mulberry zine the other day and then immediately stumbled across your mini envelope template online…which led to a quick Google, a perusal of your website, and subsequent amazement that you have any time to craft lovely little projects for swapbot on top of all the other things you do! I can’t say I’m MORE honoured by knowing it, because the artistry and craft of the envelope, zine, and card all spoke for themselves immediately – but I’m delighted to have and enjoy a Tanglepiece of my own! (Not to mention that you’ve made a fan in my six-year old daughter…) Love from Korea!

  2. All I can say is “Wow!”. I really admire all your works most especially your zines. I don’t have the resources for them and I am quite contented with just looking at them. All the best! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas. I found you through Craft Leftovers. I am heading over to Esty to trawl through your swag. YOu did not mention where you are…

    Amy in Sebastopol, CA

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