Stitchery & Me

You’ve probably noticed that the bulk of this site is all about weaving, but it wasn’t always that way.  TangleCrafts began as an outlet for my cross stitch & counted thread designs, known as ‘Stitchery’, in a previous incarnation.  I added lots of new designs, then encountered lots of pc and printer trouble which brought the stitchery-inclined TangleCrafts to something of a standstill.  Tapestry is my other passion, and as you can see, it more than filled the gap.

Please rest assured that stitchery will be making a comeback to TangleCrafts.  Although pc & printer issues are now resolved, I am going through a process (internally) of the best & most practical way I can package my designs.  TangleCrafts is a very solo enterprise, with everything printed and handmade by me.  As the enterprise grows, though, there is less and less time available, so I need to work out how I can maintain the quality of what I produce without spending unnecessary time in the production.

I’m a self-taught stitcher, mostly from a huge collection of vintage embroidery books bought through eBay etc.  My creative needlework endeavors could be said to have begun back when I was at 6th form, as a needlepoint self-portrait did make up a part of my Art A-level final exhibition.   I didn’t begin exploring other aspects of counted-thread work until I left home, but was soon devouring books, magazines, charts and kits that taught me everything about everything, from cross stitch to hardanger, pulled thread to drawn thread, from blackwork to my perennial favourite, bargello.  I was prolific for a few years, and have a box full of samplers and pieces that I rattled off at a scary pace.

Then once I felt the learning curve was well-enough advanced, I turned my hand to designing, and found it came quite naturally to me.  One simple computer program later, and my charts and kits were finding new homes via eBay.  ‘Stitchery’ built up a small and loyal following but life got in the way, and for various reasons, I took a break from needlework for a few years.

Creativity came back to me with a vengeance a couple of years ago.  Since then, I have inequally divided my time between stitchery and tapestry weaving.  TangleCrafts was born to bridge the gap between the two, because as an umbrella term, ‘stitchery’ didn’t quite fit the bill.  TangleCrafts happily covers all things yarn-related – and now, a bit more besides…!  Oh well…


One thought on “Stitchery & Me

  1. Hi Sue
    I wanted you to know that I have done lots of weaving since receiving the kit in January. Including one piece that went on a small wall hanging that is in a show for the summer. I will send a picture if you like. If you will reply by e-mail I will send it that way. I have really enjoyed the weaving–but it has become another passion that I probably should have done without…..
    Thanks, Sharon

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