*TangleStamp Exchange Bureau

The TangleStamp Exchange Bureau of Tangledom invites you to create your own TangleStamps, using any design & medium you prefer, as part of a cross-border, cross-cultural mail art project.

The TangleStamp Special edition of the Mulberry Digest gives full submission guidelines for the project, as well as FREE TangleStamp pre-printed examples, and TangleStamp blanks for your own embellishment.

All contributors will receive a free mini-zine including their own work, alongside a variety of other artwork.


4 thoughts on “*TangleStamp Exchange Bureau

    • I’ve mix & matched about 5 different fonts in the pic above – all of which are free fonts available from dafont.com – well worth a trawl when you have a few free hours! 😉

  1. Oh I almost forgot… I would love to contribute. I am presently living in Costa Rica but will be moving back to the States shortly. How much longer will you call go on?

    • The project is open-ended currently but probably won’t last much beyond summer. To be honest, I’m thinking of ‘retiring’ this one, in favour of
      Friends & Faux
      , which has proved far more popular.

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