*Handwoven Postcard Project

Weavable template labels for the Handwoven Postcard Project are available in the Postcard Recycling Kit and the DIY Weaving Handbook.  However, you are very welcome to make, notch, weave, write & send your own postcard for the project.  (A free basic weaving tutorial is available here.)
Please contact me for my current address to make sure your postcard has the best chance of reaching me!

handwoven letter postcard by Su Mwamba

Please photograph or scan your handwoven postcard before committing it to the postal system.  You can send this image to me by email or simply by sharing a viewable (grabbable) online link, eg Flickr.  Having a record of the weaving before it’s journey through the post & its tussles with the postal gremlins is an important stage in the process.

Please include on the back of your postcard:

  • your name
  • a valid email address I will email to confirm receipt of your postcard – if you don’t hear from me, I have either not received your card, or the email does not work!) If you have not heard anything 1 month after sending your card, please check with me.

To avoid postal confusion, it is probably best to omit your return postal address from the reverse of your postcard, However, anybody who sends a postcard is entitled to a free HPP zine at some unspecified point in the future; so I will ask for your postal address by email, and keep this on file.  I will (eventually!) put together a zine to record the project, and all participants who provide an address will receive a free copy.

Contributions shown above from Arteth Gray, UK (top) and Kahli Carlo, Hawai’i (lower)


2 thoughts on “*Handwoven Postcard Project

  1. My standard template is approx. 4″ x 6″ but I’ll accept anything that’s mail-able! Have fun & good luck. 🙂

  2. What are the desired dimensions of this postcard?
    I’m thinking of weaving one for you and will be using my own “blank” card.

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