*Going Postal

The Going Postal Project ended today, August 31st, 2010!
(But all other projects remain ongoing!)

Welcome to my ‘Going Postal’ zine project, which will explore the concept and interpretations of mail, postage, and related themes.  I’m not sure yet exactly what shape the finished product will take, but in the meantime, I’d like to set up an ongoing exchange of ideas, documented through a series of mini-zines.

Please make and send to me any of the following:

  • an ATC with your interpretation of the theme ‘postal’
  • an ATC with your interpretation of the theme ‘postage stamp’
  • an ATC with your interpretation of the theme ‘mail art’

N.B.  Please do not send me work made by anybody other than yourself, as I will not be able to include them in my zines without the original artist’s permission.

In return, I will send you:

  • a mini-zine featuring the ATC you have sent me alongside at least 2 other people’s work on the same subject.
  • I may also feature your contribution in a gallery here on the blog

Do you like to trade with other crafters or artists?

I will credit all contributors in the zines I produce for this project.  However, if you enjoy trading with other artists or have a retail space for your art, please fill in as many of the additional fields below as you would like, and this info will also appear alongside your work (space allowing):

  • name*
  • email*
  • postal address*
  • age
  • flickr/blog/Etsy/website
  • the inspiration for your project submission
  • themes you enjoy to create and receive
  • techniques you use for your creations
  • what you like to trade (e.g. ATCs, artistamps, zines, dotees etc)
  • other relevant info

*Asterisked fields are required.  If you do not wish your email or postal address to be printed in the zine, please state ‘keep private’.  Postal address is required if you wish to receive a mini-zine in exchange for your submission.

Specifications for your project submissions:

  • ATCs should measure 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • ATCs should be signed and dated on the reverse
  • ATCs may be made using any art or craft technique; dimensional pieces and alternative materials welcome
  • All submissions should be accompanied by a minimum of the 3 asterisked fields specified above


4 thoughts on “*Going Postal

  1. 2 questions:

    Q#1 – i do a variety of ATCs. often my Faux Postal Artistamps are digital that i print up as a photograph. i’ll post one of these (i hope) this week in my blog:


    my question is, would this kind of ATC be acceptable for your zine under the “postage stamp” or one of the other categories?

    Q#2 – i also tend to sign and copyright on the front of my ATCs (as well as the back) – would this be okay as well? i have no problem with you publishing it in your zine this way.

    • All kinds of ATC are acceptable. 🙂 It’s part of the fun – the different techniques, as well as the different interpretation of the theme/s; it’s all part of catching a glimpse of the world through somebody else’s eyes. I’ve received quite a lot of collage so far, but I would love to have a wider of techniques represented.

      And you’re welcome to sign front as well as back – I’ve heard some stories lately about ATCs having the reverse over-labelled to hide the original details, so it definitely pays to be cautious!

      • wow – overlabling hadnt occurred to me. literally you mean someone is attaching their label over the original artists back documentation – and then claiming it as their own? that is low. i wont mention what i think should be done in that case to the one who is doing that kind of thing…

        yeah, i suppose i better keep applying my copyright to both sides. thanks for that heads up.

        just to be clear, dont count me in yet. i like what you are doing a lot. but i dont always get to my “wanting-to-do” list. or not to every thing on it. i’ve learned not to sign up to a swap until i’ve done the work. i dont mind missing the swap if that’s what happens but i dont like having to withdraw at all because i cant get it in on time.

        i have several things to post on my blog coming up, one of them will be one of the faux artistamp atc/5x7s that are digital (sometimes they are digital collage mixed media and sometimes all digital drawing/painting etc. – i do what works and what the piece needs at some point…). hopefully a new one but i have plenty i’ve already done too.

        mahalo (thanks) for the replies. – aloha – Wrick.

      • Yeah, the overlabelling has caused some consternation on the swapping site I use; and the particular person involved has been suspended – but if one person can do it… Yes, worrying.

        Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to receive an ATC from you, if you have time for the project, but I won’t take it personally, if not ;-). I have no other plans, at the moment, or even deadlines for the current projects, but I’m sure there will be future projects to follow on from these, if you happen to miss them. 🙂

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