*Friends & Faux

an interactive mail art project, launching April 2010

(Version 1 from 2010 is now closed, however please click through to the NEW edition of Friends & Faux, which will be ongoing from August 2013.  Thank you!)


Friends & Faux is a collaborative project for anyone with an interest in
faux postage/artistamps, whether you already make your own,
or are just intrigued by the idea.

Here’s how it works:


    1. Request a Friends & Faux postcard (see Q & A, below). [ETA Jan 2011: Sorry, this project is now closed to new participants – no new postcards will be sent out for this project.]



    1. When it arrives, either attach an artistamp you have created (using any medium) in one of the spaces marked, or draw your artistamp directly within the stamp-edge border provided.  If adding a stamp rather than drawing, please make sure it is fixed securely!



    1. Add your name/initials & date in the spaces below your artistamp.



    1. Overlabel the existing delivery address & postcode.



    1. Address the postcard to a new recipient: stamp & mail it!



    1. The last person to add their artwork to the card will return it to me, at the address provided.



    1. At a future date, I will put together a zine documenting all aspects of the project – the postcards that have returned as well as those missing in action; notes on the artwork; and other random faux postage related nonsense.





How do I sign up to the project & receive a postcard to add my artwork to?
Sorry, this project is now closed to new participants. Maybe one of the postcards already in circulation might find its way to you, if you post a request below.


How do I get a FREE copy of the Friends & Faux zine?
After you have added your artistamp to the front of the postcard, and before you mail it to the next participant, photograph or scan the front of the postcard, so that the entire front of the postcard is visible. Send me an email with this image attached, and the following info:



    • NAME:








    (Suggested notes would be what method or materials you used to create your stamp, your inspiration for the image, if there is any back-story behind the origination of your stamp etc etc)

If you have emailed me during the course of the project, I will send you a free copy of the finished zine, as a thank you. Additional copies of the zine will be available through the TangleCrafts Etsy store.

I’ve never made an artistamp before – can I still play?
Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you have the inclination to give it a try, you’re halfway there, already! Don’t worry about your stamps being perfect – mine aren’t! See the General Faux Postage Q & A for lots of tips, suggestions, and further resources.

What should I do if I have already submitted an artistamp on a postcard, but I receive another postcard, from another participant through the mail?
You are welcome to participate in this project more than once! However, if you prefer not to, please just overlabel the address and postage, and send on to another potential participant, or return to me.

I can’t think of anyone to send my postcard on to. What should I do?
Anyone can play, whether they consider themselves an artist or not, so try not to exclude people! But if you really can’t think of anyone who might like to participate you can either return the card to me, or try signing up to sendsomething.net – this site is full of people just waiting for you to, um, send them something.

More questions?  Try the General Faux Postage Q & A



6 thoughts on “*Friends & Faux

    • I saw this message last week but afraid languages are not my strong point so was not sure of translation. However, today, F & F Postcard #1 returned home to me, from you, so please accept my HUGE THANKS and warmest regards. Thank you so much for helping this project progress! I will be blogging the results (so far, of course) tomorrow. 😀

  1. I received one of your postcards in another swap package a few days ago, adn am so excited to be the eight person adding to the card! I will get it back in the mail to you soon…

  2. If anyone wants to send one of these cards on to me, I would be very grateful! So disappointed I missed out on the original send-out as this is a lovely idea. My address is on my IUOMA page. (if you can’t find me, just reply to this comment though…!)

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