Mini-zine folding guide

A4 Mini-Zine template

Letter-size Mini-Zine template

The links above are printable templates to fold a mini-zine from  a single sheet of either A4 (UK & other countries) or letter-size (USA) paper: use the template for the same kind of paper as you plan to print any copies from, as otherwise margins and alignment will all be slightly off.

The template has front and back covers plus page numbers marked feintly, so that you can see which way up you need to place your text/images.  Work directly onto a printed copy of the template, or just use as a guide.


Here are a couple of mini-zine templates that also double has handy notebooks, or even comic books!  Just draw and/or write in the pre-printed boxes.
Each PDF linked below contains 3 printable notebook mini-zines: 1. plain bordered, blank pages; 2. full pages lined adjacent to full pages blank; 3. blank pages with lined text boxes.

Notebook mini-zines, A4

Notebook mini-zines, letter-size


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