How to Weave on Anything
(Well, almost.)  Everything you need to know to start D.I.Y. weaving, straight away!

Make a D.I.Y Weaving Needle
If you have an expired debit/credit card, store card, or used-up electronic gift card, you can make a very simple yet practical weaving needle for absolutely nothing!

A matchbox weaving loom
Weave your own miniatures on a loom a Borrower would be proud of!

Weave a Bookmark
Loom template and full instructions for warping, weaving and finishing included!  If you don’t need a bookmark, no problem – suggestions are also included to turn your bookmark into a miniature wall-hanging, instead.

(But seriously, you’re telling me you don’t need a bookmark?  Have you seen what’s out there?  Click here for just the tip of the iceberg…!)

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