Table full to overflowing

Aside from the journal/magazine project in my previous post, I have been busy creating stock to keep my shelf looking fresh & colourful at the fantastic Things British shop (on Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market), where I’m very happy to have bagsied myself a little corner.  Not to mention keeping my table filled with freshly TangleCrafted goodies at my local craft market adventures.  This is what my stall looked like at yesterday’s Cathedral Quarter Craft Fayre in Derby:

 Derby CQ Craft Fayre, Oct 18

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TangleCrafts ReLoved!

reloved xmasOctober has been a fun (& full!) month for TangleCrafts so far!  If you’re in the UK, check out the latest issue of Reloved magazine, in the shops now!  The current issue is the Christmas edition & full of cool upcycled, festive ideas so this year you have no excuse not to handmake everything. 😉  On top of all that, though, turn to the very last page and you’ll find a full page feature all about my postage stamp collage notebooks.  Here’s a sneak preview: Continue reading TangleCrafts ReLoved!


I’ve been a busy little bee since returning home a couple of weeks ago, first of all catching up with orders, and then getting stuck into some new projects.  At last, summer seems to be approaching Derby, and the sun has lured me out into the lovely garden at our latest house.  Corey & I love green, growing things, but are sadly what you might call a little black-fingered when it comes to tending them.  However, the new garden is full of long-established plants – quince trees, plum trees, heather, rosemary, roses, cornflowers, bluebells (etc, including many things we can’t name) – and we did venture some weeding last weekend.  So far, there don’t seem to be any ill-effects, so fingers crossed this garden might survive us!

TangleWeed SamplerTo celebrate, I launched a happy new line of badges, made from pressed, dried garden flowers, and these are now available in the TangleStore:

You can also find the latest issue of Enchanted Times Mini: Just So Stories in the ETPrintworks store, along with a special offer: spend £5 or more (excl. shipping) and receive a No New News Notebook/Diary FREE with your order!  This offer is strictly while stocks last, so don’t miss out! 🙂

ETM 1.5: just so storiesno new news cover sq

A Tangled Return

Just a quick update – TangleCrafts will be home again next weekend, and the catch-up process will then commence.  All orders will be prioritised, and a little extra surprise will be included with all orders placed up to May 20th, as a thank you for your patience.  Full stock range will be gradually re-introduced over the following weeks, as I get back into the swing of ‘normal’ life again.  E.T.Printworks will also re-open once all is settled.

Temporary shop closure

Unfortunately my dad’s condition has worsened dramatically, so I am heading home this afternoon.  The TangleStores will be closed until further notice, but will re-open once I am home & things are slightly more settled but I don’t know yet exactly when that will be.  Thank you to everyone who has supported my Project Dissimulation so far.  My dad really appreciated the first zines and badges, and I’m glad that he had a chance to see them.  Thank you again.  I’ll be back when I can.

TangleClub Updates

The TangleClub lives again!

For existing members, hop on over to the TangleClub Archive, for a FREE mini fairy tale Cover Story: Light of my Life.  If you are not yet a member, you can still get FREE TangleClub membership with any purchase of £5 or more from the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, or…

…a brand new TangleClub option has recently been added.  In addition to all the usual TangleClub benefits, you can now opt for a bumper bundle of TangleCrafty fun with your membership!  What you get:

  • all the usual TangleClub benefits, including membership card, online freebies, and discount on purchases
  • an upcycled Machin postage stamp button badge (/pin)
  • Open the Envelope, a full colour, 16 page mail art zine
  • 2 sheets of faux postage featuring artwork from the Going Postal project
  • 6 Postcard Recycling/Postcard Project labels

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Apologies for the inactivity around here of late. I’m afraid I am about to do another disappearing act for a while, as a sudden decision made last week means that I will be moving house in February. There will more than likely be a lack of home internet for a couple of weeks once moved in, and that of course is not even taking into consideration all the time that I will have to spend packing & unpacking over the next month or so (and believe me, I have a lot of stuff, and there will be a lot of packing/unpacking to get through!).  I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks finishing off projects, then February I will be ducking out of all things creative to focus on the move.  Hopefully life will be able to return to normal early-mid March.

Much as the prospect of all that packing & unpacking does not entice me, at the moment I am only feeling relief after a week of the maddest tension while we waited to see if the move was definitely going to go ahead.  Now that it has (finally!) been confirmed, I’m really excited about the new place and looking forward to getting settled in – hopefully for longer than a year, this time!  This will be the 5th occasion of packing/unpacking in the last 4 years (we’ve had really bad luck!) so to be honest, that side of things barely phases me, any more…  In my head, I am just thinking to 2 months ahead when I will be able to get back to…life!

In the meantime,  please don’t forget me completely – I will have new stuff to share soon!  I will also post an update on the Friends & Faux project over the next few days, as I was very excited last week to find that another 2 (count ’em!) globetrotting F&F postcards returned safely home.  Oh, and please don’t worry about anything you might send me going astray; I will have all post re-directed for at least a year from the move-in date onwards.  That’s all for now.  Thanks for bearing with me! :S

Not flu…

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes, everybody – that really helped cheer me up. 🙂  I’m now – give or take the odd sniffle & rattly cough – mostly recovered from the flu, and working on catching up on the few things that it helped me fall behind on.  The Etsy store will remain down for the next week or so, but will be up and running again soon.  Thanks for bearing with me & have a very Merry New Year in the meantime! 🙂


Happy Christmas everybody!  I have completely lost my voice and have spent Christmas entirely flu-ed out, so I’ve taken it as a sign, and have put the Etsy store on hiatus for a while, so I can take a little break to recover.  Don’t worry, I will be back in the New Year with more tangles of craftiness… 🙂