Stamps that don’t exist

In case the collage in my last post was a little too saccharine for some, allow me to temper that glorious technicolour landscape by sharing another, slightly moodier (and unintentionally darker!) collage… Continue reading Stamps that don’t exist

All fingers & stamps!

I met the lovely Victoria Wilcox, a professional photographer, at my last craft fair in Derby, about a month ago.  She was very intrigued by my stampy crafts and asked if she could take some pics (to which I of course agreed!).  We arranged a mini ‘photo shoot’ for Monday, and had a lot of fun spreading my stamps around my workspace & pulling silly faces! Continue reading All fingers & stamps!

Put Your Stamps in their Proper Place – Part 1

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about the stamp albums I inherited from my parents, just a couple of days ago. Well, I was actually originally given the albums when I was much younger and still living at home, but they weren’t an essential to pack when I left home for university, and in the years since have been buried by more and more junk in what used to be my bedroom. I’d actually completely forgotten about them, despite my recent stamp-collaging activities. My mum re-discovered the albums just recently, when trying to return my old room to a use-able state and brought them with her when she came to visit this week. Lovely to see her, of course, but the albums made me very happy indeed! 🙂 Continue reading Put Your Stamps in their Proper Place – Part 1