Happy Day of the Dandelion!

I love dandelions!  You probably guessed that, from the latest TangleStamp, Dandelion Smile, currently at the top of the sidebar…  Marguerite Keen of Piccadilly Post creates dandelion smiles by sending people ‘real mail’ (because who doesn’t love real mail, instead of bills, and statements etc…?), and yesterday I was lucky enough to receive one of her lovely missives. I was entertained before even opening the envelope, because it is always fun to see a TangleStamp on somebody else’s mail!  Inside, as well as a letter, was a collection of randomness which Marguerite tells me she themed by colour – and the reason for this post is simply because of how much I absolutely love the gorgeous ‘Oh Happy Day’ (vintage?) paint sample card she included.  I think I might have to frame it…
I love it so much, I’m going to post it again below, solo, in all its wonderful dandelion glory, to brighten up the weekend! 😀


(Click here to snaffle your own bit of Piccadilly Post Real Mail.)

I wonder if dandelions do have their own day of celebration…? Does anybody know?   If not, I might just nominate today as the official Day of Dandelion Happiness… 😀

More wanderers return

A year since this project began, so far 8 Friends & Faux postcards have made it home (the rest are still travelling – no casualties that I’m aware of, so far!).  I’m so happy with the progress of this project and the fascinating artwork that has appeared as a result.  This month – as seems to have been the case each time so far – 2 more postcards arrived home within a week of each other: #21 (which began its journey with The Letter Writers Alliance & continued via some of my most talented friends & mail artists from arts/crafts swapping site, Swap-Bot) & #56 (a stunning collection of almost exclusively hand-drawn or handpainted artistamps).  Thank you so much to everyone who has kept & is keeping this project going.


Friends & Faux – more wanderers return!

My apologies for both the brevity and tardiness of this post.  The first 2 of these postcards returned home in early January and despite best intentions (mostly due to the sudden preparations for moving house) failed to give them the fanfare they deserved upon arrival.  They arrived within a day of each other which I did find entertaining.  The third arrived right at the end of January.  I am supposed to be packing right now (the postcards themselves are now packed, along with everything but my laptop) so I will not comment further, and instead allow these well-travelled postcards to speak for themselves: 🙂

To those who have requested to join the Friends & Faux project since December, I extend further apologies.  There are a couple of you that I promised postcards to but have not yet sent.  These will now be despatched after I unpack at the new place.  At this point, I am also closing the project and will not be sending any additional postcards out after these last few.  The time has come to sit back & watch the postcards travel under their own momentum, and – hopefully – find their way back to me.  If you have custody of a postcard ready to embark upon the final leg of its journey, please contact me for the new postal address.  However, if you send or have sent to the address printed on the card, it will still reach me, as all my post will be re-directed.  Thank you to everyone who has helped keep this project moving! 😀

TangleClub February Update

Well, who’d’ve thunk it?  Just over 2 weeks until moving day and despite having had 2 days off work, have I done any packing?  Of course not!  Following on from my diversionary sketchbook discussion yesterday (thanks all for chiming in!) I have since spent some happy hours preparing a mini arti-philately album for you lovely TangleClubbers to store your faux postage.  (Because I’m sure everything will pack itself if I just leave it long enough…! 😉 )  So head on over to the TangleClub Archive and you can claim your February freebie.

If you’re brave enough, the Etsy Store will still be up & running for the next week or so, and there are some lovely free samples from my Etsy friends up for grabs, if you do.   You’ll notice stock is currently somewhat depleted: this is because I have only left up items which are already made up & ready to be lovingly stuffed into an envelope.  The store will be closed again from mid-month, as I am expecting to be off-line for a while after the move.  However, I really truly honestly have lots of new things to add once everything has settled down a little (not to mention the return of some old favourites).  So continue bearing with me – another month, & it’ll be like all this house-moving nonsense never happened, promise. 🙂

Handwoven faux postage!

Well, it could be.  I’ve been meaning to make a matchbox weaving loom ever since writing my Borrowers zine, and today, I finally got around to it, and I even remembered to scan each step of the way:

Cut down to basics, all you need to do is:

  • Snip notches at approx. 3mm intervals along the short edges of a 32ct matchbox tray.  (My advice: mark it out first!  I ended up with 7 notches, but an even number will work better when it comes to ‘finishing’/removing from loom.)
  • Warp loom.  I warped all the way from one end to the other, around the back of the loom and back to starting point.  See finishing tips below for how the way you warp will affect your options.
  • Use matches woven under and over alternate threads to adjust tension, as required.  I removed the matchsticks as the weaving grew, so that I could weave all the way to the top of the loom.
  • Weave!  I used a (hand-dyed) variegated perle 5 cotton to get a stripy effect without having to change threads too often.  Using a needle will help you when weaving.  I used the needle I use for bookbinding, because it happened to be to-hand; but the book-binding needle is a sharp, and a blunt-ended tapestry needle would be far better advised!  Visit my weaving freebies page for basic/additional weaving instructions.
  • Removing your weaving from the loom will depend on how you have warped:
  1. If you have an even number of warps and warped all around the outside of the matchbox tray, snip across the threads in the centre of the matchbox reverse.  Tie off warp threads in pairs, and trim to preferred length of fringe.
  2. If you warped your loom back and forth around notches (across front of loom only), carefully nudge loops off notches and thread onto matchsticks for a miniature wall-hanging.

Well, it entertained me, so hope you will enjoy this little (no pun intended 😉 ) project, too.  Let me know if you try this out – would love to see pictures!

Real mail

I just received a fantastic envelope of postal goodness from Marguerite of Piccadilly Post, who is also a member of the Post Post Post Club.  In a little glassine packet, I found a strip of beautiful faux postage, which are based on handmade postcards sent by Marguerite on PostCrossing.  What I love is that each artistamp includes the date & destination of the original postcards, which I think is a lovely touch – alongside the Piccadilly Post ‘real mail’ postmark stamp.  Marguerite’s letter (written in tiny handwriting on lined & embellished luggage tags) explained how ‘real mail’ came to be part & parcel of her life when she went away to college, and she still stays in touch with her mother by real mail now – sweet!  Thank you for such a wonderfully unexpected treat – some real mail will be heading your way soon, in return. 🙂

New things!

Check out the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for newly added items!  

First up is a brand new & revamped version of the Post Post Post Club – not only does it include a brand new issue of the Meta Mail Art Zine (available exclusively to club members), but you will also receive a membership card (entitling you to free gifts with future orders); a postmark address book, with PPP-exclusive mailing labels; plus exclusive mail art postcards to play with.  See the Etsy listings for full details & additional photos.  There are lots of different elements involved with each club package, so I will only be making limited memberships available at a time, so that I can keep on top of putting them all together.

And if you’re up for some mail art but fancy something a little bit different, why not enter into employment with the Local Post of Tangledom, as a Travelling Post Officer?  The Post Officer’s Companion will tell you all you need to know, and comes complete with a sample booklet of TangleStamps, a Travelling Post rubber stamp for cancellations, and a DIY TangleStamp kit for your own unique mulberry paper artistamp creations.

And remember – Christmas is coming!  I can’t make any promises, as we all know that the postal services at this time of year can be unreliable, to say the least, but if you place your order before the end of November, I will do my best to have your order reach you before Christmas.  The earlier you can order the better, though! Don’t forget, you will receive a free mini-zine with any order placed before the end of November!

Friends & Faux: the postcards’ progress continues…

Here are the latest updates from the Friends & Faux project.  Great to see that some of the earlier cards are still happily travelling the world.  #26 just has one space left to be filled, so hopefully that one will be coming home before too much longer – will keep you posted!

Cards below, clockwise from upper left:
F&F 17, F&F 21, F&F 38, F&F 55, F&F 61 and F&F 26.

Real faux postage!

I just received a packet in the post today.  Normally I would be disappointed to see it was stamped with one of the generic Royal Mail postage labels (as shown upper left) rather than ‘real’ postage stamps; but today’s generic label made me laugh – the label has been made to look like an enlarged version of a real 1st class stamp, right down to the Machin design profile of the queen and the serrated edges.  It’s real postage that looks like a real postage stamp, except that it’s a faux postage stamp – genius!

Maybe they have decided to try to lure stamp collectors into collecting labels instead – or probably as well!  To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind the generic labels so much at all if they were to start issuing them with interesting background designs, like this one.  I’ll have to keep an eye on this development.  I like. 😀

TangleClub – October update!

Have you joined the TangleClub yet?  If not, click here for all the different options!  Alternatively, spend $10 or more on anything else in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store and receive a Basic Membership Package absolutely FREE!

For existing members your club-exclusive freebie for October awaits you!  This month, you can print your very own ‘Ideas Grow’ mini-zine notebook, perfect for tucking in your pocket, and can be used to design your own comic rather than take notes, if you prefer!  Click on over to the TangleClub Archive for full details. 🙂

Another exclusive offer for existing TangleClub members:
Place an order anytime throughout October and receive a First Day Cover postcard of the latest TangleStamp!  The design is called ‘Star of Daphne’ and is derived from a hand-carved block print.  The postcard also tells you the story behind the Star of Daphne, an element of Tangledom’s unique folklore.