Friends & Faux is back!

I first hosted¬†Friends & Faux¬†back in 2010 and although slightly fewer project postcards made it home due to my moving house (twice) than might otherwise have done, it was still an awesomely fun project to co-ordinate. ¬†The project postcards feature ‘gallery’ spaces for 8 artistamps/faux postage stamps, and are filled up as they are passed from one mail artist to the next before the completed card finally returns home. ¬†I recently compiled 3 mini-zines showcasing the completed postcards that arrived home safely. ¬†And I’ve also been preparing for a re-launch of the project…


ff logoFriends & Faux (version 2) has a new logo, plus its very own blog where I will be posting regular updates on postcards sent out into the world, progress reports from participants as they add their artistamps, and, of course, the homecoming celebrations!  I will also add random faux postage/mail art snippets, on occasion.  During F&F Version 1, I was alerted to the fact that some of my handmade postcards did not withstand the rigours of multiple mailings too well (peeling surfaces etc) so I have had the new postcards professionally printed to hopefully avoid a similar fate.  And if I move house again (please join me in hoping not!), I have implemented a new way of accessing the postcard return address, so hopefully I will be able to keep on top of any unexpected changes much better this time around..,

As of yesterday, the first 20 postcards are on their way out to who knows what adventures in the world, and more will follow in the near future. ¬†Friends & Faux postcardIf you would like to learn more about the project, please visit the F&F blog, and if you would like to join in the project, you will find a brand new Friends & Faux Filately¬†section in theTangleStore. ¬†In fact, you can request an F&F postcard as an absolutely free add-on with any purchase at all from the TangleStore or ETPrintworks. ¬†More news to follow, as it occurs! ūüôā

I’ll let you into a secret…

F&F Mini #1…do you remember the Friends & Faux mail art project I hosted back in 2010? ¬†Well, it’s about to return! ¬†I’m currently in the process of building a new blog so that updates can be kept together all in one place. ¬†Due to moving house multiple times following the inception of the first run of the project, I did sadly let it slide off the back-burner once the initial wave of postcards was sent out. ¬†If you helped me track the project by forwarding a pic of one of the project postcards, though, please rest assured your reward (mini zine documentation) will finally be on the way to you within the next week. ¬†And I promise I have learned from my mistakes and will be far more efficient, this time around! ¬†Full details of the new project to follow shortly…

Beanie Mouse with F&F #1
Beanie Mouse with F&F #1

While I was working on the new Friends & Faux blog yesterday, I was reminded of one of the contributors to the very first F&F postcard – Beanie Mouse! ¬†Beanie is star of the¬†Found Art Blog, c/o Andrea McNeill. ¬†Together, they create and then ‘lose’ labelled artwork around the south of England and the rest of the world, while the blog documents all the artwork as it is lost and then found again by happily unsuspecting members of the public. ¬†As I was browsing, I soon learned that Beanie is a somewhat prolific mail artist and artistamp creator. ¬†Above, you can see Beanie with Postcard #1 after adding his stamp, but this barely scratches the surface of his vast catalogue (album?) of work:

Photos used with kind permission of Andrea McNeill.  Please visit Found-Art for further adventures of Beanie Mouse!

More wanderers return

A year since this project began, so far 8 Friends & Faux postcards have made it home (the rest are still travelling – no casualties that I’m aware of, so far!). ¬†I’m so happy with the progress of this project and the fascinating artwork that has appeared as a result. ¬†This month – as seems to have been the case each time so far – 2 more postcards arrived home within a week of each other: #21 (which began its journey with The Letter Writers Alliance & continued via some of my most talented friends & mail artists from arts/crafts swapping site, Swap-Bot) & #56 (a stunning collection of almost exclusively hand-drawn or handpainted artistamps). ¬†Thank you so much to everyone who has kept & is keeping this project going.


Friends & Faux – more wanderers return!

My apologies for both the brevity and tardiness of this post. ¬†The first 2 of these postcards returned home in early January and despite best intentions (mostly due to the sudden preparations for moving house) failed to give them the fanfare they deserved upon arrival. ¬†They arrived within a day of each other which I did find entertaining. ¬†The third arrived right at the end of January. ¬†I am supposed to be packing right now (the postcards themselves are now packed, along with everything but my laptop) so I will not comment further, and instead allow these well-travelled postcards to speak for themselves: ūüôā

To those who have requested to join the Friends & Faux project since December, I extend further apologies. ¬†There are a couple of you that I promised postcards to but have not yet sent. ¬†These will now be despatched after I unpack at the new place. ¬†At this point, I am also closing the project and will not be sending any additional postcards out after these last few. ¬†The time has come to sit back & watch the postcards travel under their own momentum, and – hopefully – find their way back to me. ¬†If you have custody of a postcard ready to embark upon the final leg of its journey, please contact me for the new postal address. ¬†However, if you send or have sent to the address printed on the card, it will still reach me, as all my post will be re-directed. ¬†Thank you to everyone who has helped keep this project moving! ūüėÄ

Friends & Faux: the postcards’ progress continues…

Here are the latest updates from the Friends & Faux project.  Great to see that some of the earlier cards are still happily travelling the world.  #26 just has one space left to be filled, so hopefully that one will be coming home before too much longer Рwill keep you posted!

Cards below, clockwise from upper left:
F&F 17, F&F 21, F&F 38, F&F 55, F&F 61 and F&F 26.

Friends & Faux – another wanderer returns!

The third Friends and Faux postcard has made it home!
(Well, actually the 33rd…)

This postcard has not travelled as far and wide as some – it first travelled to Canada…then stayed there! ¬†But it still displays a great selection of artistamps, including 2 hand-carved beauties for true mail art ‘traditionalists’ ūüėČ . ¬†I especially love Misti Ko’s additional hand-carved cancellation mark – sweet touch! ¬†It should also be noted that a true mail art celebrity has hereby joined the project: Anna Banana, prominent & proactive mail artist over the last few decades, I’m very happy to welcome you to the Friends & Faux fun. ūüôā

We also have updates on several more postcards, including another celebrity contribution, with the return of Beanie Mouse. ¬†You can read the full photo-story on the found-art blog – there’s even a separate post ¬†showing Beanie Mouse making his own artistamps, and flipping through his album! ¬†The other postcards that have touched base but continue to travel are 21, 27, 42 and 45:

…and just as I was posting this, another update arrived! ¬†F&F 59 is another one that is going Canada crazy: ūüôā

Don’t forget if you would like to join the project & add your own artistamp to a Friends & Faux Postcard, just send me an email. ¬†Likewise, if you have added your own artistamp to a card already, please drop me a quick line with a photo/scan of the postcard so far (plus your name and address) to receive a FREE zine at the end of the project (sometime still in the dim and distant future…).

Special request: Have you received a Friends & Faux postcard but can’t think who to send it on to? Please get in touch using the link above.