TangleClub New Year Update

Happy New Year, everybody!

I’m sure everybody has been too busy with celebrations to notice that this month’s TangleClub Freebie is a day late, but it is now up and ready to access for all you lovely TangleClubbers.
It is actually not at all what I had intended to post this month, but over the New Year weekend, Corey and I re-discovered a card game which we invented several years ago (it’s very cool; more to come about that another time!), and that sent my train of thought in an entirely
different direction.

Thus, this month’s freebie is a set of printable playing cards (to use in conjunction with the 1000 Blank Cards site/game which I have blogged about previously) – or alternatively a set of mini notecards/enclosure cards; your choice!  The PDF includes 3 pages: Dandelion Smile cards as shown, optional lined backs, and a template sheet for you to design your own cards.

N.B. If you go for the notecard option, check back to the January 2011 freebie for matching Dandelion Smile mailing labels!

If you are not currently a member of the TangleClub but want to share the monthly freebie-ness,  simply spend £5 or more in the TangleStore or TangleStore UK & you will qualify for TangleClub Basic membership absolutely free!

Gone postal…again!

For anyone who didn’t snap up the one week only offer of the 12-set of Going Postal mini-zines, head over to the TangleCrafts Etsy Store now!  Hot off the press is the Going Postal Gallery, a single volume A6 (quarter-size) zine showcasing all submissions to the Going Postal mail art project, plus notes from the artists on their techniques and inspiration.

It’s a fascinating collection of different interpretations of the postage/postal/mail art theme, ranging from postboxes to mail carriers, maps to ephemera, postage stamps to artistamps, in a variety of art and craft techniques.  Take a look!

Gone Postal

As of my grumpy postman’s arrival this morning (and excepting the unlikely but not impossible instance of further submissions arriving by carrier pigeon or some such, later in the day) the Going Postal Project is now over!

After 7 months, a grand total of 12 mini-zines were produced, showcasing the contributions & notes of 36 artists & crafters from 6 different countries.  A complete Gallery zine will be available sometime next week, and in the meantime, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, sets of all 12 mini-zines are available in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store.  If, like me, you love all things postal, you will be fascinated by this collection of artistic interpretations of postage/postal/mail art themes.  Full of different styles and ideas, you can’t help but be inspired!

P.S.  I know you can only see 9 mini-zines in the photos, but you will receive all 12, if you order a set, I promise! 😀

TangleClub – August update

If you are a member of the TangleClub, now is the time to check out the TangleClub Archive for the latest club-exclusive freebie.  This month, I have put together an online exclusive for TangleClub members, combining the very first Going Postal mini-zine with the most recent, completed on August 2nd.

Inspired by the contributions so far?  There’s still time to contribute!  Submissions are still accepted until August 31st – click here for full details.

Not a member?  All you need to do is place an order for any item in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, and your TangleClub membership package will be despatched with your order.

Already a member?  Don’t forget, you are entitled to 10% off your next order (or different discounts/offers if you have already placed a second order) so browse the store, and see what’s new!

TangleCrafts & TangleClub updates

May was a bad month for me, as anyone who has placed an order recently can testify (please note, though, that all delayed orders will be in tomorrow’s post, along with my sincere apologies!).  I am relieved to say that I am pretty much caught up, though, and working on several new projects, so there will be various new things appearing on these pages and in the Etsy store over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, TangleClub members should hop on over to the TangleClub Archive, where I have just added the latest club exclusive freebie: Stamp a Stamp printable mini-zine.  There are also several new volumes of the Going Postal mini-zine now available in the Etsy store, so check out the Mail Art Category for even more postally creative inspiration!

More soon – watch this space…!

Going Postal, Volume 2

Volume 2 of my Going Postal mini-zine series – which catalogues 3 entries to the Going Postal Project – is now available!

This volume has a completely different feel to Volume 1, and I’m really happy about that, as it is the diversity of ideas that prompted me to begin this project in the first place.  The ATCs featured in Volume 1 are predominantly brightly coloured, whereas Volume 2 has a far more muted feel; and this is not because I am trying to theme issues (I was actually going for serendipity, but ‘random’ seems to have a habit of appearing ‘ordered’, sometimes) – this is just, by chance, the order in which I received the submissions.

Both Volumes 1 & 2 of Going Postal are now available in the
TangleCrafts Etsy store, but don’t forget you will receive a FREE issue,
if you submit an ATC for a future volume of the project!

I’m back!

The move was horrible, let’s not talk about that.  But I am in the process of catching up on all orders placed over the last few weeks, and should be mostly on top of things after the weekend.  Thank you, everyone, for your patience!  I will be including extra niceness with all orders from the house-moving period, as a thank you for bearing with me.

Now, on to fun and exciting new things 🙂 .

First and foremost, the long, long awaited and very overdue 4th issue of Telaic Fantasy has finally been unleashed on the world. I’m very happy with the way it has turned out, after playing with a new layout, and (to conform with the rest of the series) keeping it to A6 (/quarter-size) format.  I am thrilled to report that TF4 includes an exclusive interview with the awesome Diane Gilleland of the Crafty Pod, found poetry from my vintage craft/weaving book collection, along with reviews, extracts from literature AND template, yarn and instructions to weave your very own Oddball companion. Check out the Etsy listing for more details & extra pics.  I’ve also put together a special bumper package, combining TF4 with membership to the DIY Weaving Club, so if you’re not already a member, join us!

If weaving doesn’t float your boat, however, I have more fun in store for you. For the last month, an innocent little link has been lurking to the right of your screens: Going Postal.  What is is it all about?  Well, it’s a super-cool mail art project, of course!  A meta-mail art project, if you will.  Click on the link for full details, but in brief, I’m asking anyone with the inclination to do so to create an ATC (using any medium they prefer), the only real stipulation being that contributions must have a postal or mail art related theme.  In some way.  If you send me an ATC, I will send you in return a (free) mini-zine featuring your artwork alongside at least 2 more contributors to the project.  (And if you just want to admire everyone else’s work, the mini-zines will be available at nominal cost in the Etsy store).  Eventually, I will compile a Going Postal super-zine, including selected contributions to the project, and various other editorials, miscellany & fun stuff; but I think the mini-zine project will run for a good while before the super-zine sees light of day, so there is plenty of time to get your creative thinking cap on, and, um, get creative…!  [ACEO above right by Hazel Fisher of Hazel Fisher Creations – check out her Etsy store!]

These two ‘news items’ are just the tip of the iceberg – look out for even more new projects & zines to appear, perhaps slowly, but steadily, as I unpack my workroom, and dig out the ideas that I packed into boxes just a couple of short weeks ago…  Well, with a name like TangleCrafts, it was never going to be straightforward, was it…?