Sewing (2)

(Titles are listed A-Z by author. Check side bar for links to book reviews covering different stitch techniques. Please feel free to add comments if you agree or disagee with me!)


What’s to say?  The title says it all!  This book is, quite simply, full of cute stuff.  Specifically tiny cute felt mascots to make, but the cute cartoon-boxed instructions and introduction to each character make it fun just to read, even if you don’t feel like stitching one.

The mascots are all made up of simple shapes and sewn together with the simplest stitches.  They look so simple I’m almost certain I could make one myself. There are also suggestions for alternative finishes, such as bags, t-shirts etc.  Either way, they’d make brilliant gifts for both kids and adults alike. If you like amigurumi, you’ll love these.


If you love ‘The Cute Book’, you’ll love this, too. In fact, some of these dolls are even cuter! They’re bigger than the tiny mascots in ‘The Cute Book’, and use different fabrics besides felt. There are more cartoon-style instructions that look clear and easy to follow, and little introductions to each character.

The instructions do have a picture of a sewing machine, which scares me slightly, but it does also say ‘if you have one’, so I’m fairly certain they could be hand-stitched, instead. If you like cute, simple, amigurumi-style, Japanese-influenced cute things, then buy this book. It’ll make you happy.

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