Pulled Thread (1)

My reviews are listed below, but you can also click on this link to buy & find reviews of even more Pulled Thread Books

(Titles are listed A-Z by author. Check side bar for links to book reviews covering different stitch techniques. Please feel free to add comments if you agree or disagee with me!)


Batsford’s embroidery reference books are historically some of the best, and most creative.  Unfortunately, this volume, first published in 1957 is disappointing on that level.   The title (to me) implies an all-round look at linen embroidery, but actually, it is quite simply a stitch reference manual.  It is not even a comprehensive stitch dictionary, covering just 36 patterns, plus a few extra pages on outlines and borders.

The stitches are given one full page each, which includes a clear stitch diagram, written instructions, and a black & white photo example.  The stitches covered are predominantly pulled thread (+ one or two blackwork/double running patterns).  I feel certain that there must be more readily available titles on pulled thread work (admittedly, none are springing directly to mind) but if not, you could do worse than this work.  However, do not expect anymore of it than a basic stitch guide.

Some links to more pulled thread books that I haven’t read & don’t currently own, but might be of interest:

MASTERING THE ART OF PULLED THREAD EMBROIDERY by ILSE ALTHERR A more advanced, progressive/creative guide to pulled thread than most.


FROM MY HANDS: Exquisite Counted Satin Stitch and Pulled Thread Embroidery by OLWYN HORWOOD –  I do remember seeing this book in the dim and distant past, and it’s very nicely presented.  It is a project book rather than technique guide, and the cover photo shown on Amazon gives a good idea of the style of the projects.


THE NEW ANCHOR BOOK OF PULLED THREAD EMBROIDERY STITCHES: Techniques and Designs by C. WILKINS – If the blackwork book from the same series is anything to go by, don’t expect any more than a very basic guide, with uninspired designs.  This New Anchor series is nothing like the old Anchor series, which was laid out like a stitch dictionary, one stitch with instructions per page, and a full colour inspirational stitched example on the opposite page.  You would do far better to unearth a copy of the old Anchor Book of Counted Thread Embroidery Stitches, which does include pulled thread techniques (probably more comprehensively!).

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