Graphic Design (1)

(Titles are listed A-Z by author. Check side bar for links to book reviews covering different stitch techniques.  Please feel free to add comments – especially if you disagree with me!)

FINGERPRINT: The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design by CHEN DESIGN ASSOCIATES

This book is intended to inspire graphic designers who are looking to break free of the slick, highly commercial mold, and incorporate more original, handmade elements into their design work.  Like many graphic design books, it is presented in a gallery format, with a brief explanatory comment/notes for each project displayed.  Interspersed, are short essays from a selection of the contributors, prociding a further insight and exploration of how and why they work the way they do.

Inspirational to graphic designers, yes, but I think this book has wider appeal.  There are lots of funky and innovative presentation ideas for anyone who likes to produce their own flyers, posters, brochures, zines etc.  It’s by no means a how-to book, but anyone with basic knowledge of a desktop publishing program, scanner, and a creative mindset will see adaptable possibilities throughout.  For a more practical (non-professional’s) guide, try ‘DIY’ by Ellen Lupton, but this one is great for seeing some of the possibilities that are out there.

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