Papercrafts (1)

My reviews are listed below, A-Z by author. Check side bar for links to book reviews covering different stitch techniques. Please feel free to add comments – especially if you disagree with me!


What could be more ecologically friendly than handmaking your own recycled paper? Making paper from common plants and weeds from your own garden! This is a beautifully presented book that tells you everything you need to know (step-by-step) to get started with papermaking, whether you have done so before or not, including collecting plants and constructing your own frames and presses for the job.

Full instructions are given for making your own natural dyes to colour the papers – and in fact for making everything you will need, at every stage of the process! Amongst other things, you will learn to make paper from thistles and seaweed, paper embedded with pressed grasses and petals. There are even guides to making your own envelopes, lampshades, and an accordion-fold book with pockets from the finished paper.

For a book about making your own paper, this one really does go above and beyond the call of duty: a great value, brilliant reference for all crafty types, this is the only papermaking book you need!

Links to some more book that I haven’t read yet, but look quite cool:

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