Mixed Media (5)

My reviews are listed below, A-Z by author. Check side bar for links to book reviews covering different stitch techniques. Please feel free to add comments – especially if you disagree with me!


Intended for the absolute beginner to mixed-media, this is not a comprehensive resource of techniques, or indeed the ‘only book you’ll ever need’ on the subject. However, it might just be the essential purchase for anyone who would like to get a foot in the mixed-media door, but may feel a little overwhelmed by an assumption of knowledge and vast array of possibilities presented in other books.

The projects in this book are beautiful, inspirational. All the techniques used are photo-illustrated, step by step, but the author’s tone is conversational, and it feels more like a real workshop with a real person than a stark how-to guide. She talks about her own influences and inspiration, so that you can see how ideas flow into the stunning, vividly coloured finished pieces showcased.

The projects all use a sewing machine, which is probably very versatile, but I felt as though some hand-stitching could have been represented as an alternative method. In general, I just wish there was slightly more range covered. But what’s there is fantastic, a brilliant starting point.

MIXED MEDIA NATURE JOURNALS: New Ideas for Exploring Nature, Life and Memories by L.K. LUDWIG

The cover of this book didn’t entice me at all. However, a more considered look at the text and techniques is far more interesting, as you are encouraged to take a thoughtful, considered approach to a journal inspired by and/or incorporating natural elements.

The techniques include carving your own stamp block, nature printing with dye and salt, printing onto different media, using image transfers, mica, resin, and ideas for backgrounds and bindings. Even if you don’t want to specifically ‘work with nature’, there are lots of ideas that could be incorporated into more general mixed-media work.

This book is great, a brilliant introduction to both art journaling and mixed-media. The text is informative and inspirational; the technique step-by-steps are clear and easy to follow; the ideas are original; and the examples shown are inspirational. What more could you ask?




Links to some more book that I haven’t read yet, but look quite cool:

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