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Not fair! (A November special offer)

Pocket Notebook Collage #65
Pocket Notebook Collage #65

I have 2 more craft fairs coming up within the next 2 weeks, so I’ve had a busy few days preparing for the first of those (Saturday) – mostly packaging, packaging, packaging!  Of course, I’ve still found time to squeeze in a couple of new collages, as well (like this one, right). 😉   Continue reading Not fair! (A November special offer)

Put Your Stamps in their Proper Place – Part 1

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about the stamp albums I inherited from my parents, just a couple of days ago. Well, I was actually originally given the albums when I was much younger and still living at home, but they weren’t an essential to pack when I left home for university, and in the years since have been buried by more and more junk in what used to be my bedroom. I’d actually completely forgotten about them, despite my recent stamp-collaging activities. My mum re-discovered the albums just recently, when trying to return my old room to a use-able state and brought them with her when she came to visit this week. Lovely to see her, of course, but the albums made me very happy indeed! 🙂 Continue reading Put Your Stamps in their Proper Place – Part 1

Table full to overflowing

Aside from the journal/magazine project in my previous post, I have been busy creating stock to keep my shelf looking fresh & colourful at the fantastic Things British shop (on Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market), where I’m very happy to have bagsied myself a little corner.  Not to mention keeping my table filled with freshly TangleCrafted goodies at my local craft market adventures.  This is what my stall looked like at yesterday’s Cathedral Quarter Craft Fayre in Derby:

 Derby CQ Craft Fayre, Oct 18

Continue reading Table full to overflowing

TangleCrafts ReLoved!

reloved xmasOctober has been a fun (& full!) month for TangleCrafts so far!  If you’re in the UK, check out the latest issue of Reloved magazine, in the shops now!  The current issue is the Christmas edition & full of cool upcycled, festive ideas so this year you have no excuse not to handmake everything. 😉  On top of all that, though, turn to the very last page and you’ll find a full page feature all about my postage stamp collage notebooks.  Here’s a sneak preview: Continue reading TangleCrafts ReLoved!

CraftSeller Q&A: TangleCrafts (Part 1)

When I discover a new crafter or artist whose work I enjoy, I always want to know more about them – where they draw their inspiration, how their ideas develop, why a particular piece took that particular direction, why they use one technique rather than another, or any number of things about their personal ‘story’.  Sometimes an artist is especially open, and all sorts of information might be available, but many people – myself included – simply don’t know where to begin when talking about themselves and their work.  With this in mind, I have drawn up a series of questions designed to extract the kind of information that I would often like to know, and I will be asking fellow crafty types to share their answers. Continue reading CraftSeller Q&A: TangleCrafts (Part 1)

Samples, samples, more samples…

I have FREE promos for you!  This month, I’ve been swapping bits & pieces with some other crafty types, and now have some great little tasters so that you can sample their wares.  How?  Simply place an order of £5 or more (excluding p&p) in the TangleStore, and I will throw in a free (randomly chosen) promo sampler with your order, while stocks last.  Spend over £10 and I’ll include one of each!  I only have a few, though, so it’s first come, first served…

Here’s a preview of the samples I have for you… Continue reading Samples, samples, more samples…