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Which are the weeds?

Whether slightly flawed or torn or simply too common, the stamps which find their way into my collages are primarily from the philatelists’ reject pile – Continue reading Which are the weeds?


A kind of sketchbook

Once upon a time, my life was not swamped beneath a sea of vintage postage stamps – but in these halcyon days of perpetual collage, I have only the vaguest recollection of those times… Continue reading A kind of sketchbook

All fingers & stamps!

I met the lovely Victoria Wilcox, a professional photographer, at my last craft fair in Derby, about a month ago.  She was very intrigued by my stampy crafts and asked if she could take some pics (to which I of course agreed!).  We arranged a mini ‘photo shoot’ for Monday, and had a lot of fun spreading my stamps around my workspace & pulling silly faces! Continue reading All fingers & stamps!