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A brief introduction to the TangleMail Newsletter

I used to write a lot of zines. What’s a zine? It’s just a handmade magazine, about whatever subject you like (like a blog, but in print form!) Continue reading A brief introduction to the TangleMail Newsletter


Living on Easy Street

easy street envelopeMaybe it’s a hangover from my childhood reading of Enid Blyton stories (The Children of Cherry Tree Farm etc), but I seem to have developed a certain fondness for ‘quaint’ or ‘quirky’ postal addresses Continue reading Living on Easy Street

The Collage Composition Process

As you can see from my recent posts, my collages are often inspired by the juxtaposition of a couple of stamps that have been discovered at random while sorting through a larger batch.  By happy coincidence, they might have similar colours or other features in common Continue reading The Collage Composition Process

Stamps that don’t exist

In case the collage in my last post was a little too saccharine for some, allow me to temper that glorious technicolour landscape by sharing another, slightly moodier (and unintentionally darker!) collage… Continue reading Stamps that don’t exist

How to grow a landscape…

I’ve not done this for a while so thought I would share the journey of my latest postage stamp collage…

24 blue green whimsy 1a cropIt began with a blank notebook, and 2 stamps which serendipitously turned up while I was sorting through a large batch of old stamps. Continue reading How to grow a landscape…