JaguarSnail – welcome!

This post is to welcome the zines of Britta Jarvis of JaguarSnail into the TangleCrafts fold. ūüôā ¬†Britta is a local artist & crafter who I met through a mutual friend, a couple of years ago. ¬†We have since spent many a happy hour on the production line together and have discovered lots of common … Continue reading JaguarSnail – welcome!

Faux Postage Trials, Part 4

The lovely Britta (of JaguarSnail) has found yet another potential faux postage perforation solution for us to try and I, for one, am sold! While rummaging¬†in a junk/antique shop recently Britta came across a pair of rusty, slightly odd-looking scissors with teeth on one side, where the blade would normally be. ¬†When she asked what … Continue reading Faux Postage Trials, Part 4

Another rainy crafternoon…

As has frequently been the case in Derby of late, yesterday afternoon was of the rainy persuasion. ¬†What to do with such a damp occasion? ¬†Another crafternoon with Britta (JaguarSnail), of course! ¬†I was mostly on the production line, folding envelopes in anticipation of a new version of the TangleClub to be introduced in June, … Continue reading Another rainy crafternoon…

Crafting on a rainy afternoon

Britta (see JaguarSnail section of the TangleStore) popped round yesterday on another miserable, rainy day, which we brightened up with lots of junk food & an afternoon of crafting. ¬†Britta made (almost) the teeniest tiniest envelopes imaginable, measuring just 1″ x 1.5″ and embellished with a handcarved stamp of even teenier tinier faux postage, postmark … Continue reading Crafting on a rainy afternoon

Mother’s Day Postal Patchwork

Today I took a short break from Etsying in order to actually make my mum a handmade Mother’s Day card for once. ¬† I know my overseas readers don’t need to think about this just yet, but over here in the UK, Mothering Sunday is this weekend, so I was cutting it a bit fine! … Continue reading Mother’s Day Postal Patchwork

More postal patchwork (& other fun things)

Another crafternoon with Britta produced lots of fun results! ¬†Of course, my new Postal Patchwork¬†experiments paled somewhat beside Britta’s amazingly detailed hand-carved stamps – applied to Moleskine notebooks, so we can all share the goodness! As if that wasn’t enough, Britta presented me with a little stash of badges she’s been working on, made from … Continue reading More postal patchwork (& other fun things)

Another crafternoon…

December frequently escapes me somewhat, with birthdays, increased busy-ness at work, and the forthcoming seasonal festivities, all piling on top of my days which already feel very full. ¬†But earlier this week I did manage to make time for another get-together with the lovely Britta of¬†JaguarSnail. ¬†We had some fun playing with my new envelope … Continue reading Another crafternoon…

Faux postage trials, Part 3

Oh, the trials & tribulations of faux postage perforation! ¬†Well, today I bring you a potential solution, as discovered by Laura Werger of Demon Kitty Designs. She says, “A while ago I was searching for the best, most realistic possible way to make faux postage stamps. I tried a lot of different methods, trying to … Continue reading Faux postage trials, Part 3

Carved stamps and Christmas robins…

Britta (aka JaguarSnail) and I had another productive afternoon in the craft room, yesterday. ¬†I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that she is a bit of a demon when it comes to hand-carving stamps? Well, she has put together a tutorial mini-zine so that you can perfect your own demonic (I mean stamp-carving) skills. ¬†The demo … Continue reading Carved stamps and Christmas robins…

Postage stamps for charity

Earlier this year, a lot of kind people helped me out when I made a plea for used postage stamps featuring birds for¬†Project Dissimulation (in aid of bowel cancer awareness, following my dad’s diagnosis). ¬†Well, it suddenly occurred to me that it was time to pay this thought forward. I have accumulated far more stamps … Continue reading Postage stamps for charity