A brief introduction to the TangleMail Newsletter

I used to write a lot of zines. What’s a zine? It’s just a handmade magazine, about whatever subject you like (like a blog, but in print form!). Mine were all about upcycled/DIY crafts, and mail art – oh, and fairy tales!  Crafts were always a part of my life, but I was also an obsessive writer from a very young age, so zines were the perfect way for me to combine the two.

As my collage art has taken off over the last couple of years my writing has very much taken a back seat – simply not enough time to do everything…  This year, though, I decided to start making baby-steps to rectify that and finding time. The TangleMail Newsletter is intended to be a new semi-regular feature.  Although on the website in PDF form, it will also be sent as a printed newsletter with most outgoing orders.  The internet’s great etc but really, there’s nothing like reading something physically tangible, that you can hold in your hand.

TM 18.2 coverAnyway, enough of the back-story! The first online issue of the TangleMail Newsletter is now available for you to read online in the TangleMail Archive (where new issues will also be added).  As well as my general ramblings, it includes:

  • a how-to for soaking stamps off paper (one of the things I am asked most frequently)
  • highlights of recent additions to the shop
  • a mini-gallery of outgoing custom collages
  • a discount code for all readers
  • …and if you’re the type who likes a challenge, an extra, secret special offer will be revealed in the letters remaining after solving the word square puzzle!

Want a print version? All you need to do is place an order!  Although the newsletter will be sent out automatically with most orders, please include a quick note ‘TangleMail!’* as you are checking out, so I can be doubly sure to include it!

*NB This is not a coupon code!

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