Living on Easy Street

easy street envelopeMaybe it’s a hangover from my childhood reading of Enid Blyton stories (The Children of Cherry Tree Farm etc), but I seem to have developed a certain fondness for ‘quaint’ or ‘quirky’ postal addresses. It always makes me smile when an order comes in and I check its destination only to find out it is to be delivered somewhere evocative such as Windswept Cottage* or else clearly steeped in history, like Burned House Lane*. I definitely loved to see that somebody really does live on Easy Street*!

In my other shop (WhirlingWorld for all you stationery & literature lovers! 😉 ) I had to google to make sure there wasn’t an error when I received an order for Bend or Bump* (turned out to be the name of a cottage!).

But my favourite to date was an Italian order received last year. I had no idea what ultimo cancello verde a sinistra in fondo alla strada* meant when I saw it, but it clearly didn’t follow the usual formula of number/street etc, so curiosity got the better of me. A little investigating later (okay, I just copy & pasted into Google Translate) told me I would be sending to “the last green gate to the left at the end of the street”. I never heard anything more from the buyer, so I’m assuming some intrepid postman did manage to successfully follow the instructions provided!

Have you ever lived in a house with an unusual name or history? Or have you felt compelled to name somewhere you have lived? Please post a reply – I would love to hear your story! I once lived in a house named Roselands which made me feel like I belonged in a fairy tale, but that is as close as I have got myself. And I’ve moved house a LOT of times. The inner world of Tangledom follows wherever I go, though. 😉

*All actual place names from orders I have received

2 thoughts on “Living on Easy Street”

  1. We have lived at Heart’s Ease Cottage for more than 30 years. We named the cottage after the tiny little violas that grew by the door. The modern name is Johnny Jump Up but the Victorians called them Heart’s Ease. Living in this cottage has given our hearts ease as we planned and tended the gardens and made her into the storybook cottage we have always dreamed of.

    1. I’ve never heard of Johnny Jump Up & it’s definitely not as pretty! Heart’s Ease has such a restful feel to it. Your cottage definitely sounds storybook-worthy! 🙂

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