How to grow a landscape…

I’ve not done this for a while so thought I would share the journey of my latest postage stamp collage…

24 blue green whimsy 1a cropIt began with a blank notebook, and 2 stamps which serendipitously turned up while I was sorting through a large batch of old stamps.  Although from countries with nothing in common (to my knowledge) – Mongolia and Poland – they both featured a sunny, whimsical landscape in very similar colours, which aligned perfectly with each other. Like they were meant to be together!

Although usually very effectively suppressed, I’m afraid my sense of whimsy really got a bit carried away with this one…  I extended the hillside of flowers with, um, more flowers, then tipped in a whole flutter of butterflies (and – ahem – a ship and a fish…) which all eventually grew into a magical sun-drenched valley beneath a wispy blue sky:24 blue green whimsy steps

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