All fingers & stamps!

I met the lovely Victoria Wilcox, a professional photographer, at my last craft fair in Derby, about a month ago.  She was very intrigued by my stampy crafts and asked if she could take some pics (to which I of course agreed!).  We arranged a mini ‘photo shoot’ for Monday, and had a lot of fun spreading my stamps around my workspace & pulling silly faces!

TangleCrafts, Derby TelegraphThe result can be seen in today’s Derby Telegraph, which has given me such a lovely write-up.  Click on the tiny image to read the article & see my somewhat startled-looking, stamp-covered fingers & face!  (This isn’t a great reproduction, so if you prefer, just read the web edition here.)   You might think the main pic is a little OTT, but in fact, I did literally have stamps stuck to my fingertips when Victoria called me mid-collage, earlier the same day!  I will concede that my nose did remain unstamped, at that stage, though…

“With stamps on her fingers & maybe her nose, she will have mail art wherever she goes.” I’m sure that’s how the song went…no?
The Heart of TangleCrafts
The Heart of TangleCrafts

As you have probably already noticed, Victoria was kind enough to send me some of the pics that she took*, and I’ve already made use of them with a mini site re-vamp.  Her pictures are now feature photos for my About, Process, and Contact pages.

All of Victoria’s staging & accessorising makes me think I missed a trick when I got married – I could have had stamps woven through my hair, and crafted into a bouquet.  I could have had postage stamp confetti!  On the other hand, it was probably wiser to stick to notebooks (awesome accidental pun there!)… 😉

*all images reproduced courtesy of the Derby Telegraph

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