Old news & new news

Lots to catch you up on – but where, oh where to begin…? Let’s eschew chronology for now, and I will lead instead, with the segment of news which has the most personal relevance to me.

It has been fun to work on some custom-ordered collages over the last few months, preserving memories for some very special occasions. But the beginning of May also saw personal memories resurface for me, during the anniversary of my dad’s lost battle with bowel cancer (2013). In his memory, I collaged a trio of pocket notebooks using postage stamps in colours, with themes and from the country that I associated with him. It was something I especially wanted to do but at the same time found quite difficult – hence stopping at just three collages. However, I also added a clearance section to the TangleStore, from which I will be donating £1 to a cancer support charity, for every item sold.

On to brighter news! In March, I received (slightly delayed) new blank notebook stock. I realise this does not sound like very interesting news, but I was and still am very excited about it! Why?

New notebook interiors
New notebook interiors

Well, these are no ‘ordinary’ notebooks, but – for the first time – notebooks pre-customised with my very own TangleCrafts branding. Inside the front cover there is a little blurb about my collages, inside the back cover is one of my favourite philatelic quotes, and on the back cover is my TangleStamp ‘maker’s mark’, ready to be numbered & signed for each new postage stamp collage. The front covers of course remain completely unprinted, in readiness for collagical (yes, sorry, I just made this word up) inspiration.

The other exciting thing about the new notebooks is that they come with a choice of four different page types – lined, plain, squared, and dot grid – in both A6 (pocket) and A5 (medium) size. My ready-to-ship journals will for now all still have lined pages, but if you have a personal preference, a custom collage can be made just for you, with your choice of page type, colours and more. Here are a couple of custom notebook collages which I have already made, since introducing the option:

I’ve also been experimenting with making more framed collages (also available as custom orders – just ask!) for anybody who is looking for a splash of bohemian, eclectic colour in their home rather than in the more ‘disposable’ notebook format. I do, of course, fully advocate the removal of your collaged journal cover for framing – extend its life & purpose as far as you can! – but for the framed pieces, I have collaged onto acid free board, which will hopefully allow them to retain their original vitality for longer (less chance of discolouration, over the years): ephemera made slightly less ephemeral…

The latest addition to the Cuban Collection
The latest addition to the Cuban Collection

And last but not least, just a quick update on the Cuban Collage Crisis: my Cuban notebooks have switched location to a new TangleStore, on the wonderful Eco-Create marketplace. I’m very happy to be a part of this venture, which showcases British artists dedicated to eco-friendly arts and crafts – thus presenting a unique selection of only green, vintage and upcycled handmade gifts. At the moment, my range there includes the exclusive-to-Eco-Create Cuban Collection of notebooks & journals, custom-collage options, and a selection of OOAK butterfly brooches.

That’s all for now, but even newer news to follow shortly!

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