Creative & Curious about postage stamps?

I would have normally held off mentioning this for another few weeks, but as this news comes with a time-sensitive special offer I’m ringing it in early…

So who’s a fan of the uber-cool Canadian design magazine UPPERCASE: For the Creative & Curious? (If you’ve not seen it before, check out their website for details of back issues etc – you can get cover-to-cover previews, and each one is a joyful, jam-packed treasure trove of fascinating ideas & creativity!) A couple of months ago, I received an email inviting me to make a submission for their forthcoming postage stamp-themed edition. Yes, you heard me right, stamps!


A couple of days ago, I heard that one of my collage pieces (inc. short blurb) will be featured in UPPERCASE Issue 26, available in July. This in itself was exciting news, but having now seen a preview of the magazine, all I can say is YOU MUST BUY IT! (Do you see what I did there – all uppercase. 😉 ) If you’re reading my blog, I can only assume that you share my obsession with all things postal, and this magazine is seriously the best collection of artists, crafts, and creative interpretations of the postage stamp I have thus far encountered, in any format. I would most definitely be sharing this with you irrespective of my own (very small) contribution!

The reason I am telling you about this now rather than in 3+ weeks (when Issue 26 is released) is because if you are tempted to subscribe to UPPERCASE, I can also share with you coupon code cannotwaitforU26, valid until June 30th, and worth $15 CAD off the cost of subscription. Also, if you subscribe by June 10th, they will include a free packet of stamps with your copy of issue 26!

UPPERCASE subscription offer
UPPERCASE subscription offer

I hate to wish away time, but I have to say, I am now really looking forward to July! Let me know what you think when you get your copy…

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