So, it’s been a busy few months…!  December was a whirlwind of orders, leaving me a little dazed and drained in January.  A short break provided the necessary revival, though, and gave me time to play around with a new, more streamlined look for the website.  Do you like it?  If there’s anything you’ve lost track of from the old site, don’t worry, it is all still here -somewhere! – just use the search box (tucked away in the drop-down menu at top of page).

February was quiet but industrious!  As well as adding to my catalogue of notebook collages, I’ve been working on all kinds of more design-led projects which have been languishing on the backburner for far too long.  I’m currently awaiting delivery of a brand new batch of notebook ‘blanks’ which I’m very excited about – instead of plain old store-bought notebooks, very soon I will be showing off lovingly designed, TangleCrafts-branded notebooks (still individually collaged).  There will also be a choice of page types – lined, plain, grid, dot – so there really will be something for everyone!

In the meantime, while I ‘patiently’ await the aforementioned delivery, further ideas have been germinating.  There’s a new mini-zine on the way, all kinds of inserts to customise your notebooks, and a postage stamp-inspired DIY kit (hopefully in time for Earth Day).  And more.  But as you can tell by my cryptic references, I don’t want to give all my secrets away just yet, so watch this space (and Twitter, and Etsy) for more updates soon!

Twitter followers may already have noticed this little preview that I tweeted a couple of weeks ago:

process 1

This has now been expanded into a full new Process page here on the website, describing the evolution of my collages.  I recently acquired a digital camera (yes I know, centuries behind the rest of the world) and have been having great fun with the ability to take actual pictures rather than just a plain flat scan…

And to finish off, here is a round-up of the most recent collages to hit the Tanglestore:


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