Not fair! (A November special offer)

Pocket Notebook Collage #65
Pocket Notebook Collage #65

I have 2 more craft fairs coming up within the next 2 weeks, so I’ve had a busy few days preparing for the first of those (Saturday) – mostly packaging, packaging, packaging!  Of course, I’ve still found time to squeeze in a couple of new collages, as well (like this one, right). 😉  I love heading out to the craft markets and being able to chat with people about my work, and I’m really looking forward to the next ones, just because of the time of year.  The weather might be getting colder, but the Christmas shopping vibe really warms things up!

The only down-side is that each time I head out to market, I have to close down my online shops (or in the case of Folksy, de-activate OOAK listings) for fear of accidentally selling something twice!  This means, unfortunately, that I will have to shut the shop down twice over the next 2 weekends, which I realise may not seem quite fair to those online browsers/buyers who don’t get to benefit either from the option of browsing in person at my local stalls, or from browsing online while I’m there…

So while my Etsy store will be open, closed, open, closed, then finally open again, I’m offering a 10% discount in both Folksy & Etsy TangleStores when you spend £5+ (excl. p&p), valid until November 30th. Just enter coupon code NOTFAIR at Etsy or Folksy checkout, and the discount will be applied automatically.

Postage stamp collage bookmarks
Postage stamp collage bookmarks

Is there something you’ve had your eye on?  Nab it quick before one of those sneaky craft fair-goers beats you to it!  The Royal Mail is also on your side (especially if you are not in the UK), and I have been able to reduce overseas postage costs for lighter items such as badges & bookmarks, as well.  ‘Tis the season to stock up on stocking fillers! 😉

3 thoughts on “Not fair! (A November special offer)”

    1. Personally, I’ve had far more success with Etsy, but Folksy ticks over, too. I’m sure it depends a lot on how much promotion you do for which venue, and probably also, at least in part, on what type of items you sell. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have both, if you have the time to manage both. 🙂

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