New business cards – or are they…

Oct 14 business cards…teeny tiny notebooks?  Can’t believe I forgot to mention these, given how cute they are!  My new business cards have a single fold, and the front reproduces one of my imaginary landscape collages (3 different cards available) so that they do actually look like tiny notebooks.  They please me greatly. 🙂  To be clear, though, they aren’t actually notebooks – inside is an Etsy coupon code & my contact info, and on the back is a great quote about postage stamps that I recently found in a vintage book about philately:

“Philately embraces the whole earth and likewise the whole earth is sometimes embraced within the limits of a postage stamp.” – John N. Luff (1899)

Want to see what the cards are like ‘in the flesh’?  Simply place an order in the TangleStore!  Or visit me in person at one of my upcoming local craft fairs.  (The cards were designed in the notebook style described above but also so that they can be separated into 2 cards: one a thank you coupon, the other with contact info.  If you place an order under £5 value, you will only receive the thank you coupon.)Bit of Earth Kit

While I was having some printing done, I also (finally!) upgraded the cover card of my Secret Garden DIY Seed Packet Kits, so that the template is now a much sturdier 300gsm kraft cardstock.  Not that I’m trying to tempt you or anything, but these kits make great stocking fillers! 😉


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